Mountain Laurel Christmas On Tour – Day 10! #ShortStory #Christmas #FamilyDrama #Music

Hop in the wagon and let’s head for the final stop on this short tour!

The magical gypsy wagon is taking us a little south, to Austin, Texas for a visit with the enigmatic John Howell!

I truly have no recollection of when I first met John Howell. Seems like I’ve always known him. He is a diverse author who started his writing career with the John Cannon series of thrillers. If you love that genre and haven’t read these books yet, you’re missing out on some heart-pounding action and twisted plots.

Anyone who knows John recognizes his unique sense of humor. In fact, he’s quite famous for it as he shares it freely on his daily blogs. Are you following Fiction Favorites? If not, today is a great day to start!

His latest release, Eternal Road – The Final Stop, took him in a different and more spiritual direction, and it is my favorite from him so far.



I loved everything about this unique story by John Howell. When James dies in a single-car accident, he is met in the afterlife by a childhood friend who disappeared when they were in grade school, and her body was never found. She has taken the assignment of helping James adapt to the afterlife and find his eternal home. The adventures start when they experience time travel back to pivotal times in history, and all while still in the ’56 olds that James crashed in the physical world. From the gunfight at the OK Corral to the Alamo, to a World War, James finds himself placed at strategic moments of time that facilitate self-discovery. He even has a face-to-face encounter with Satan himself. And in the midst of it all, Sam and James learn what it means to love someone. They even have love-making adventures, However, one of my favorite parts of the story is when Sam comes face-to-face with her murderer and he gets the justice he deserves at his own hand. If you are looking for a story that is different from anything you’ve ever read, have a fascination with a “what-if” scenario about the afterlife, and love adventures, you will love this new book from Mr. Howell! It is well-written and fast-paced.

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