Wreck of the Lanternfish – #NewRelease from C.S. Boyack! @virgilante

I am SO excited to share my blog space with C.S. Boyack today! He has a brand new release, the final book in the epic high-seas fantasy trilogy. I have read both the Voyage of The Lanternfish and the HMS Lanternfish and highly recommend them! I am currently knee-deep into the Wreck of The Lanternfish and again, highly recommend this entire series! I also recommend you start with book 1, then devour the entire series! Think of it as binge-watching a riveting Netflix series. 🙂 Seriously, these three books would make a fabulous Netflix series. Maybe someday!


Thank you for letting me borrow your space today, Jan. I have a new book out called Wreck of the Lanternfish. This is the concluding volume of the Lanternfish Trilogy. Unlike my other series, this one almost has to be read in order.

Today, I want to talk about one of the more popular characters in the books. Serang has evolved into a co-main character. She was raised in a monastery system by monks who taught her to read and write, and also fight like a Kung Fu master.

She found herself in charge of a disgraced army of warriors from the country of Giapon. In the last volume, they were inserted into the war between Hollish and Prelonia with the sole mission of finding the mysterious Fulminites and destroying them if possible.

The Fulminites are no pushovers, their members make up the Black Assassins as well as the exploding monks. They are the real power behind the Hollish throne and the driving force behind the war.

Serang’s warriors are mistrusted by both sides, including the one they’re supporting. They’re so different than anything this continent has seen. From their Eastern features and dress, to their way of fighting and warfare. This part of the world has never seen anything like them.

To fulfill her captain’s orders, Serang will have to cross the wilderness and avoid anyone who might mistrust or betray them. She’s also going to have to face the ghosts of her own past, of the purging of the temple system that made her an outlaw in the first place.

Perform your morning meditations and stretches. Sharpen up your guandao, and join Serang as she hunts the Fulminites in ‘Wreck of the Lanternfish.’

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James Cuttler created a peaceful spot for he and his wife to settle down. Far from the war that ravages their homeland, far from the reputation he earned as the notorious pirate Captain Bloodwater, and far from responsibility.

A royal Prelonian houseguest is a constant reminder of what’s at stake half a world away, of the friends he put ashore to fight the war. He lives in a dream world that’s temporary, at best. It’s only a matter of time before his guest is identified and the black assassins come for her.

He mortgages his precious vineyard to pay for repairs to his ship. If nothing else, Lanternfish will be one of the most powerful ships in the war, if he’s not already too late.

James will have to merge the skills of commander and con man into something new to make this work. He’ll need to avoid those on his own side who would hang him for piracy.

Serang is half a world away, leading her army of mercenary swordsmen toward the Fulminites. Mistrusted by both sides of the war, she appears as a third combatant on the battlefield. She may eliminate the mysterious order, only to succumb to the demons of her own tragic past.

Strap on your swords and hoist the colors one more time as the thrilling Lanternfish Trilogy comes to an end.


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60 thoughts on “Wreck of the Lanternfish – #NewRelease from C.S. Boyack! @virgilante

  1. It’s great to see you both writing and publishing your books, and no easy feat. Good luck to Craig and congratulations on a new Lanternfish saga; and best wishes to you, too, Jan, on Mountain Laurel Christmas.

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  2. Just got home from vacation, and I was reading Wreck of the Lanternfish on the flight to California and back. Serang’s always been one of my favorite characters. Still is, but the Palumbos really stepped it up in this book. Took a lot of risks as spies. It’s fun seeing how each strong character is changing the fate of the war.

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    1. I totally agree with your comment, Judi. Serang is also one of my favorite characters and she plays a big part in this book. And yes, the Palumbos really stepped it up in this segment of the series. Thank you for leaving a comment for Craig!

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  3. Reblogged this on Entertaining Stories and commented:
    Jan Sikes is a dear friend, and is hosting me for the Lanternfish tour. The topic today is Serang, one of the most popular characters in these tales. Stop over and say hi.

    Jan is a friend, one of my Story Empire partners, and a great author. She is currently touring her own new release, Mountain Laurel Christmas. You can check it out here https://www.amazon.com/Mountain-Laurel-Christmas-Jan-Sikes-ebook/dp/B09KJYMVT9/ref=sr_1_14?keywords=Jan+Sikes&qid=1639053134&s=digital-text&sr=1-14

    Check out the whole post at Jan’s site.


    1. I agree 100%, Staci. Serang is such a strong character and I root for her all the way. My next favorite side character is Mal. After all, if he can create root monsters, he has big magic! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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