#WednesdayWonders – #Gemstones – #Seraphinite #Celestite

The two stones I want to feature today are appropriate for the beautiful Christmas season, as they are both referred to as Angel Stones.

Seraphinite Photo taken by Jan Sikes 12-21-21

Seraphinite was named after Seraphim, the highest order of angels, due to the feather-like appearance of the chatoyant fibers in the stone.  Seraphinite is also known as Serafina.

It is associated with the heart chakra and is a gorgeous mixture of shades of green with bluish tints. It is a stone of spiritual enlightenment and is excellent for accessing self-healing. It is one of the crystals that assist in making an angelic connection and opening the crown chakra. This stone promotes living from the heart, and has a gently cleansing effect on the heart chakra, opening to love. Its feathery wings whisk you up to a higher spiritual vibration and is excellent for making journeys outside the body, protecting the physical body while you are gone. The physical healing aspects of this stone are related to the spinal column, especially behind the heart, and can release muscle tension up into the neck. It is also useful in overcoming chills and promoting weight loss.

Celestite stone photo taken by Jan Sikes 12-21-21

Coming from the Latin word Caelestis which means Celestial, it’s no surprise to hear that this shimmering crystal is soaked in rich mystical properties. Celestite is all about inner peace, quiet space, and elevating the spirit. It’s a stone that whispers of deep connection with other realms. With its ethereal energy and distinct heavenly hues, Celestite is one of the loveliest sky-blue gemstones in the world. My photo does not do it justice. Serving as an intuitive guide for those who are ever ready to embrace the new age, Celestite is radiant with spiritual healing and can help you on the path to peace. 

If Celestite was a song it’s sure to be a choir of angels singing. One glance at its hazy blue glimmer and you can’t help but feel as though you have been lifted to a higher plane of being. Celestite does a great job when it comes to chakra cleansing and grounding. This stone is like popping a chill pill, it instantly mellows the mind and douses hot heads.

This gentle and gorgeous stone is known more for its spiritual powers, but as the physical and celestial body are connected, there is certainly some knock-on effect. Celestite can help the body flush out toxins and is particularly useful in helping the body heal from stress-related disorders. Whether digestion issues or acne breakouts, Celestites touch is like an organic balm to the body. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at the two Angel stones. This is my last post until after Christmas. I will be spending time with my daughters and grandchildren.

I wish each of you a joyous Christmas holiday!

37 thoughts on “#WednesdayWonders – #Gemstones – #Seraphinite #Celestite

  1. Hi,
    I love the color of the sky blue stone and think your photographing of it is wonderful. Thank you also for giving information about the two angel stones.
    I too wish you a very Merry Christmas. Enjoy your family and relax and have a safe crossover into 2022.
    Take care.
    Shalom aleichem

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  2. These stones look and sound beautiful. I like that they’re known as Angel Stones. ❤ I don't think I've heard of either but am happy to learn about them. Thanks so much, Jan. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

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  3. These are gorgeous! Next time I come to your house, I’ve got to look at your stones. You have some amazing ones. Love you, sister. Merry Christmas!

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