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I am happy to share a new book release from a fellow Wild Rose Press Author, Lyndi Alexander aka Alana Lorens! I’ll let her tell you about it.


Thank you, Jan, for allowing me to visit here and introduce my new book to your followers. I am most grateful.

When I wrote A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME, I was practicing as a divorce attorney. I represented both men and women on all sorts of terms. Although it wasn’t as true in the county where I practiced in Pennsylvania, in issues of custody, men often think they get the short end of the stick.

Now sometimes they do! Don’t get me wrong. But courts these days have mostly moved forward from the 1960s when mom got the house and the kids and dads got alimony and child support, Often the courts lean toward some sort of joint custody, Courts are urged by precedent to consider the needs of the individual families when making custody awards. Alimony is given much less frequently, and child support is most often calculated on a standard state formula, taking many things into consideration.

Single parenthood is certainly not something one sets out to do, but many, many people—myself included—have found ourselves there. It’s difficult, no matter what your particular configuration is. It’s tied to the emotions of the relationship, even years afterward. This is where our heroine and hero find themselves.

In A Rose By Any Other Name, Marisol’s husband ran out on her, leaving her as the single parent to a young son. She has survived on her own and is vocal about the challenges and joys of that situation on her blog, Mothering Without a Man. Russell thought he had it all, but his ex-wife’s wealth bought her sole custody of his sons, and he’s fighting every inch of the way to maintain his relationship with them.

If the book was a courtroom, maybe we could solve this conundrum permanently. But since it isn’t, we get to revisit the relationship between Marisol and Russell and see what a second chance might bring them.





Up-and-coming mommyblogger and single mom Marisol Herrera Slade returns to her old hometown in western Pennsylvania for her 20th high school reunion in 2005, reluctant and yet compelled to see her high school sweetheart, Russell Asher, who dumped her for the homecoming queen.

Russell’s marriage to the golden girl, however, ended in a nasty divorce, and he has been systematically excluded from his sons’ lives. In his Internet wanderings, he’s found a feminist blogger named Jerrika Jones, who glorifies single motherhood, essentially putting a stamp of approval on what’s happened to him. His group of single dad advocates has vowed to take this woman down.

What Russell doesn’t know, when he thinks to rekindle what he had with Marisol, is that Marisol and Jerrika are one and the same. When his group discovers the truth, will their drive for revenge derail any chance the couple has to reunite? Or will they find they have more in common than they ever expected?

Author Bio:

Author Alana Lorens

Alana Lorens has been a published writer for more than forty years, after working as a pizza maker, a floral designer, a journalist, and a family law attorney. Currently, a resident of Asheville, North Carolina, the aging hippie loves her time in the smoky blue mountains. She writes romance and suspense as Alana Lorens, and sci-fi, fantasy, and paranormal mystery as Lyndi Alexander. One of her novellas, THAT GIRL’S THE ONE I LOVE, is set in the city of Asheville during the old Bele Chere festival. She lives with her daughter on the autism spectrum, who is the youngest of her seven children, and she is ruled by three crotchety old cats, and six kittens of various ages.




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46 thoughts on “#NewRelease – A Rose By Any Other Name @AlexanderLyndi #Romance @WildRosePress

      1. I did an entire series on Tarot cards, taking them one at a time and deciphering them. It’s all on my blog. I have a search option. If you type Tarot in the search, it will bring them all up. But in the meantime, just enjoy the Monday readings. Have a great day!


  1. Congrats to Alana on her new release. As someone who went through a divorce and married someone who went through a divorce (both of us with young children) this topic of custody (and alimony) continues to raise the hackles on my neck. Sounds like it made for a great story and I love the premise. Thanks for sharing, Jan!

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      1. I have definitely seen it from all angles. I’m pleased to hear that since I retired, the family law practitioners have adopted a pro-family mediation plan, so I’m hopeful there will be less trauma in these difficult times. Alana


  2. I’ve seen two many sad tales of divorce and custody battles so I can’t help but be intrigued by this book. Add in your own experience in the court, I’m sure this will be a great read. Also, I love the title! Thank you so much for sharing your site with us, Jan. I’m happy to meet you, Alana!

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  3. I watched the trailer and it touched my soul totally. I am not a novella reader but that trailer made me want to know more about their stories and if there is a life for them meant to be… so romantic. So, a big compliment for that book clip.

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  4. Ah. Western Pennsylvania caught my eye. My stomping grounds! And I set many of my works there, too. Nice to see someone else claiming the area. Best wishes with your release, Alana.

    Thanks for hosting, Jan.

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    1. Yes, I know that Exeter/Linesville sounds like St. Louis to most of the Philly-based folk, but yep. Nice country there. Thanks for stopping by! Alana

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