Blog Tour Day 21- Jagged Feathers #RomanticSuspense @wildrosepress @DAntion

I am thrilled to continue on the global blog tour with Jagged Feathers!

Each day will be a different stop and I will post the links here. I’d be honored if you’d ride along with me and visit this group of kind and supportive bloggers who have graciously agreed to host.

Remember “Cheers,” the TV show? Well, the bar Dan Antion sets his Saturday Stream of Consciousness posts inside, is a virtual replica of that. And guess what? We’re going for a visit. So belly up to the bar, order your favorite cocktail and prepare to be entertained by Dan, David, and Cheryl (who, by the way, are all real people, even though the bar is fictional.)

Dan’s blog posts are highly popular and also highly entertaining. He’s been blogging since 2011. If you aren’t following him, you are missing out! He is an avid photographer (his photos are amazing), husband, father, and woodworker. Plus he has a beautiful dog, Maddie, who shows up often in his photos. So, while you are over at his place for this SoCS, take a look around.

And if you read nothing else extra on his site, take a look at this:

Buckle your seatbelts we’re taking off!

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