Blog Tour Day 24- Jagged Feathers #RomanticSuspense @wildrosepress @YvetteMCalleiro

I am thrilled to continue on the global blog tour with Jagged Feathers!

Each day will be a different stop and I will post the links here. I’d be honored if you’d ride along with me and visit this group of kind and supportive bloggers who have graciously agreed to host.

We are going to end this blog tour in sunny Florida. I think I’ll stay awhile and lay on the beach.

Yvette Calleiro is a wonderful human being, period. She is an educator, a mom, and a daughter, devoted to her family. I’ve known her for many years and admire her beautiful spirit and writing talent. Her most recent book release, Hype, is a great example. In my review, I stated that every teenager should read this book, and I said that because I believe it.

Here’s the BLURB:

Cici’s junior year in high school is going to be the best year ever. Popular co-captain of the varsity cheerleading team, she’s dating the starting quarterback. Even her jealous co-captain’s attempts to steal her boyfriend can’t curb her enthusiasm.

When her mom moves in with her fiancé, a handsome, wealthy man, only one small detail threatens Cici’s perfect life. The school’s social pariah is about to become her stepsister, and Cici wants nothing to do with her.

Everything changes when someone Cici cares about throws her life into a tailspin, and the one person Cici couldn’t stand becomes her only ally.

Warning: This story contains scenes of sexual assault.

Link to my review.


So grab your sunscreen and hop on the jet for our final destination. And, I sincerely thank you for riding along on this tour. There have been folks who have shown up at every blog. You know who you are.

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