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Welcome to the beginning of another new week. Today’s meditation is designed to bring a deep sense of peace and well-being.

Here is the Rune Reading for the upcoming week.

Photo by Jan Sikes

It is hard to tell from the photo, but the rune in the first position on the left is Tiwaz or Tir, the arrow. It represents courage, victory, strength, passion, and masculine energy. It indicates that you may have recently taken up a cause and are ready to fight for what you believe in. It is a rune of extreme motivation, showing a strength of will and a singleness of mind that can enable you to overcome all odds.

In the middle or present position is Uruz, another rune of strength, health, power, and energy. You have the strength to persevere through any challenge as well as defend yourself against adversaries. If you are pursuing a dream, this rune suggests that there is enough momentum behind you to bring it into manifested form. Summon your connection to divine energy and trust that you will be guided to channel your personal power toward a positive outcome.

In the last or future position is Mannaz, the rune that represents humanity. This rune reminds us that we are part of a shared experience among all humans, no matter our specific language, physical appearance, or beliefs. Oftentimes, this rune is pointing to some aspect of tension in the relationship between your inner self and your perceived place in the outer world. You may be feeling at odds with the attitudes and expectations of society.

My Takeaway:

With two runes that indicate power and strength, there is no doubt we are capable of handling whatever might come our way. And we should never separate ourselves from our fellow human travelers. We are all in this game together and it is easy these days to feel at odds with the attitudes and expectations of society.

What a gorgeous Dragon card for springtime!

Wow! This entire reading was just for me. I am in the process of putting together the presentation to honor Rick and his music for The Western Film Festival and am struggling with technology I need to successfully create a video with clips from the very early sixties of him and his band. I managed to take the clips off a VCR tape to a DVD and that’s as far as I got. When I tried to download it to my computer, it tells me there is nothing on the disc and yet it will play on the DVD player, so I know it’s there. However, I will persevere! I have the power and strength to figure it out. And, as the Dragon card says, I need to stay balanced and ground my visions while manifesting my hopes and dreams!

Have a great week!

37 thoughts on “#MondayMotivation – #Meditation #RuneReading #DragonOracleCard

  1. You’ll create a wonderful video, Jan. I’m certain. And I love the overall message today. We are on this journey together. Sending blessings… 💕


    1. In 2020 my word for the year was unite.

      My whole focus for that year was to try and find more ways to bring people together.

      It could be done if we could rid humans of the need to always be right about everything.


  2. I get a peaceful feeling thinking of everyone working together. Not giving up on that. So excited you are doing this presentation, and know the right person or information will come along to help you put it together.

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  3. This all fits together so well again for me. I feel renewed and with new power and motivation to face challenges. This gives me a lot of my inner peace back… which makes me more compassionate again. So, in the small, it totally fits my personal perception. And I hope this will be taking place in the big world too very soon.

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    1. I am right there with you in your hope for the world, Erika. If everyone could all realize that we’re in the same boat, fishing in the same hole, and there is abundance enough for all, we would finally have Utopia. Thank you for stopping by and I am happy you are renewed and motivated! You go, girl!

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    1. I’ve often wondered where that saying came from, Carol. But I’ve never taken the time to look it up. It’s a saying that’s been around a long time. Thank you for stopping by today and for your encouragement!

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  4. Jan, this is a reading for me as well. You know the challenges I face in every level both personal and professional and I desperately needed a sign that things will get better.

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    1. I do and thought about you when I drew these runes. With the two power and strength runes together, it makes for an energetic reading. One thing we always need to remember is that we are not alone. We’re all on this journey of life together and there is a reason for being here at this time and in this body. I am just thankful we chose each other to be sisters! Love you so much!

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  5. Jan, fingers crossed that you get everything resolved with the video you’re working on. I have faith it will all fall into place. I love your positive attitude. It’s so important to maintain that when we face hurdles in our lives.

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  6. When I lived in Ohio, there was a local company who took VHS and DVD recordings and converted them to digital files. I don’t know if you have an actual local company near you who does this, but I’m sure you could send those files somewhere. (I have no idea what that would cost, though.) But if you’re like me, you might be stubborn enough to labor at it until you figure it out. Whichever path you choose, I’m sure the tribute will be lovely. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

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    1. Thanks for your suggestion, Staci. There is a company here that also transfers files. And I may end up contacting him for help. I got the clip onto a DVD, but my computer can’t see the file. And yes, I am stubborn enough to keep at it until I find a solution. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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      1. Hi Jan and all. I’m trying to read everyone’s comments but my screen reader is not behaving so I’d just like to say, first, great meditation. Perfect for midafternoon when I’m feeling a bit stressed after being up most of the day.
        Loved the readings, a completely perfect post.

        As to the tech stuff, it may be that the DVD CD Etc. players on your computer are not compatible with the disk.
        Good luck.

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    1. My mom used to always say, “there’s more than one way to skin a cat.” I have no idea where that came from, but I am not going to give up. 🙂 Thank you for your comment, Yvette and I hope you have a great week!

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      1. My mom always said that as well. I said it once in front of my students and they gave me a horrified look. I never really stopped to think of the literal meaning. LOL! I won’t be using that idiom again in the classroom.

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  7. I like the part about not separating ourselves from our fellow human travelers. Reminds me of the recent story we read about the coyote and his friends. Good luck with the video, Jan!

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