#MondayMotivation – #Meditation #RuneReading #DragonOracleCard

Welcome to another Monday filled with motivation for a great week ahead!

Created in Canva

I found this short meditation to be uplifting and a great start to my day!

I was drawn back to the Runes for this week’s reading.

Photo by Jan Sikes

The rune in the first position (past) is Gifu also known as Gebo. It is the rune of gifts and generosity. Primarily it signifies an exchange between people that necessarily results in a connection between the giver and receiver. It can represent both tangible and intangible gifts, such as emotional support. This rune invites you to accept wholeheartedly, and with gratitude, the gifts that are presented to you. At the same time, you are encouraged to consider your own giving. Are you reciprocating sufficiently to honor what you’ve received? Gifu can also refer to gifts from the higher realms, particularly in the context of skills and talents. Perhaps you’ve discovered a new passion you have a natural ability for.

Mannaz sits in the second or present position. It is the rune of humankind and symbolizes the characteristics that set humans apart from the rest of Earth’s living creatures, the ability to create for the sake of creativity itself. This rune reminds us we are all a part of a shared experience among all humans. Mannaz can also represent the self, with particular emphasis on one’s inner being. In keeping with the flow of Gifu, Mannaz also symbolizes assistance from others. Its shape evokes a sense of mutual support, of two individuals coming together to stabilize each other. Be sure to remain open to accepting help from others at this time as well as being willing to lend a helping hand if needed.

In the third (future) position, Perthro reminds us to remain vigilant for the truth behind any matter. Things are not always as they seem on the surface. You are advised to pay attention to the signs and signals your intuition is picking up on. Under the auspice of this rune, it is a great time to pursue any esoteric interests. If you’ve been struggling with a stubborn conundrum, Perthro advocates going within to find the answers you seek. Clearing your mind allows the enlightenment you need to arise naturally, without effort. Trust the mysteries of the unknown. All will be revealed in due time.


Giving and receiving are a natural flow in life. Many of us struggle with receiving, yet are able to give freely. When it is not equally reciprocated, it throws everything out of balance. And, as always, the deepest truth lies deep within each of us. With a clear mind, we can easily access these truths. I hope this sets the tone for the week ahead. Giving and receiving equally create a comfortable balance and in that balance, we can more easily access our truth!

And now for our beautiful little Dragon inspiration, which flows quite nicely with the rune reading.

48 thoughts on “#MondayMotivation – #Meditation #RuneReading #DragonOracleCard

  1. I think you have articulated my thoughts, Jan. Some people have difficulty receiving. They feel uncomfortable or unworthy of gifts, compliments, and praise. Sometimes, some people offer false praise, but when somebody pays us a compliment, I think we should say thank you and assume it’s sincere until proven otherwise.

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    1. So true, Pete. Whether the praise is genuine or not, it should be responded to with a thank you. And really, it’s not up to us to discern whether or not it’s genuine. Thank you for stopping by and adding your comment to this post! Much appreciated!

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  2. I love the quote and the dragon card!

    I think many of us live by “It is better to give than receive,” so receiving is hard for some. Balance is important. I like what John said about giving and reciving being a way to affirm our relationships.

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  3. Like Diana, this really spoke to me “Trust the mysteries of the unknown. All will be revealed in due time.” And I completely agree about the balance of give and take. Thanks, Jan!

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  4. Great post, Jan. It is true it is harder to receive over giving. I’m working on it. Following intuition is so important but easy to get busy and forget to do so too. Loved the dragon with the butterfly and its message and the beginning quote. Now to meditate a bit. Thanks, Jan xo

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    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed today’s post, Denise. Yes, we all seem to agree we are much better at giving than receiving. I’m trying to work on that too. Thank you for stopping by and hope you get a boost from the meditation!


  5. A lovely way to start the week, Jan. I found this message very gentle and affirming. “Trust the mysteries of the unknown. All will be revealed in due time.” Just going with the flow. I hope your week flows with smiles.


    1. Yep. Me too, Jill. I love to give and get satisfaction from it but struggle with receiving. I’m glad you enjoyed today’s post and I agree, the dragon card is beautiful! Have a great week!


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