Happy 4th of July! #MondayMotivation – #Meditation #TarotReading #DragonOracleCard

I hope everyone in the United States is enjoying the 4th of July holiday.

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What a powerful tarot spread this week! Take a look!

Photo by Jan Sikes

I don’t recall ever drawing the Queen and King of Swords together, but I did today.

The Queen of Swords represents independent clear thinking. She is a no-nonsense influence, seeking truth with unbiased judgment. When interacting with others, she will not tolerate mistruths or excessive ‘fluff’. She prefers to get to the heart of the matter without engaging in too much chit-chat or gossip. She is a quick thinker and highly perceptive, piercing through the noise and confusion to get straight to the point. While she maintains empathy for others, she also will not tolerate any kind of deception. It’s not that she doesn’t care, she simply doesn’t have time for anyone who is not 100% true and authentic.

The King of Swords is the ultimate symbol of intellectual power and authority. He has the courage and intellect to achieve all that he desires. When this card appears in a Tarot reading, you are in your power, ruling from a place of authority and respect. You stand firm in your truth and express yourself with deep conviction. As a result, others pay attention to what you have to say. Under the influence of this mighty king, you have a clarity of mind and can perceive the truth, so it is up to you to take the lead by providing an objective point of view and making decisions based on impartial judgment. Sounds like the perfect match for his queen, doesn’t it? As a professional advisor, he may come across as detached or disinterested in your personal circumstances unless it relates specifically to his skillset. This is so he can provide only the most relevant guidance to you.

Both the King and Queen lead from the head, not the heart.

The Wheel of Fortune reminds you that the wheel is always turning and life is in a state of constant change. If you’re going through a difficult time rest assured that it will get better from here. Good luck and good fortune will make their return in time. Similarly, if things are going well, know this, too, will change. This cycle shows why it is so important to cherish the blissful moments in your life and make the most of them while they are within reach – because in a flash they could be gone. The Wheel of Fortune is also known as the wheel of karma and reminds you that ‘what goes around comes around.’ Be a kind and loving person to others, and they’ll be kind and loving to you. Be nasty and mean, and you will get nasty and mean turning back your way. So, if you want happiness and abundance, make sure you’re sending out that positive juju in kind. What you send out into the Universe will come back your way. The Wheel of Fortune card asks you to be optimistic and have faith that the Universe will take care of your situation in the best way possible. Meditation and visualization can reinforce your intention to bring increased abundance, good fortune, and prosperity to you. 


This week calls for clear unemotional thinking and acting from a point of truth without judgment. Be kind to everyone you meet. Remember, karma is real. Remain optimistic regardless of your situation!

Isn’t this a gorgeous dragon card? I love it!

I have been asked by Patty Fletcher to explain the dragon card for those who are not sighted and I am happy to oblige. This is the Air and Fire Dragon and he expands our creative energies. He is a beautiful combination of blues and oranges with a volcano erupting in front of him. His message: Harness your creativity, excitement, and enthusiasm. Communicate your passion.

Air and Fire Dragon. Expands your creative energies. Harness your creativity, excitement and enthusiasm. Communicate your passion.

30 thoughts on “Happy 4th of July! #MondayMotivation – #Meditation #TarotReading #DragonOracleCard

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Sally. It is sadly lacking in every aspect of our government from top to bottom. I try to keep some hope, but there don’t seem to be any good answers. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Wow, this is truly powerful. The power of thoughts in the most supportive way to have the wheel take you up to the light. Just today, I said to my husband how everything seems to untie lately. Very cool reading!
    Oh, and happy 4th of July to you Jan!


  2. Great reading, Jan 🙂 Although head thinking usually makes me stumble I do believe in karma and being mindful of what I put out. Love the dragon and ready for that creativity to burst. Happy 4th of July!

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    1. I had the same thought, Denise. I am a heart-thinker, not a head-thinker, so I really had to look at the message here and see how it applied to me. I saw it as a gentle nudge to be more clear and intelligent in my thinking process. I agree! Love, Love the dragon! Thank you for stopping by! Hugs!


  3. This is very powerful. An excellent, positive reading, Sister. It’s nice to be reminded to cut through all the nonsense and babble going on around us and stay focused. We do have power and most people I think respect us. I love the Wheel of Fortune card and the reminder there to grab hold and really appreciate these moments of peace. This is perfect and I feel empowered. It’s like it’s saying, “Go forth and prosper.” Love you, Sister.

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    1. I’m so glad this was inspiring for you, sister. I love the conclusion, “Go forth and prosper.” I agree, it’s nice to be reminded to tune out the nonsense and chatter around us and stay focused. Thank you for leaving a comment! Hugs!


  4. That reading fits my circumstances so perfectly! The Queen of Swords is my kind of gal. 😉 I used to perceive everything through an emotional lens, but I’ve grown stronger and can see things more clearly and make better and sound decisions, not from a lack of emotion but from a balance of logic and emotion. I am able to stand firm in my convictions and wish others well on their own journeys. Great reading, Jan! Happy 4th of July! 🙂


    1. It’s funny, but when I drew her, I immediately thought of you, Yvette. 🙂 I can see you as being a clear, no-nonense thinker. It’s so rewarding when we can look back and see how we’ve grown in life. It makes all the struggles worthwhile! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment today!

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  5. Good morning, Jan.
    This Tarot reading speaks to me in a great way.
    Yesterday I had a situation where I could choose to be mean and nasty back to someone or simply ignore them and go on my way.
    I chose to ignore because to do otherwise would have just had the mean and nasty bouncing between us.
    This reminder that the universe will take care of things on my behalf was much needed.
    PS. I’d be ever so grateful if you’d describe the dragon cards like you do the Tarot.
    To not know of that card takes away from the reading for those who do not see.
    I share your posts among a group of blind persons each week but we all agree we lose out without knowing the dragon card.
    This is not a complaint or criticism. I understand people just forget.
    Thanks and have a super day.

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    1. Oh, Patty, again I apologize for not explaining the dragon card. I do forget. And I deeply appreciate you sharing the post. I am so glad the reading resonated with you. It was a very powerful one for sure. So much clear opportunity. Thank you for your support.


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