The Conflict Thesaurus SILVER EDITION Is Here! (+Giveaway) @WriterThesaurus

Whoo hoo!!!!

Hi everyone! I don’t know about you, but the writing reference books from Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi are always next to me when I am working. I refer to them often. And now they have a second volume of The Conflict Thesaurus available!

Today’s a big day – The Conflict Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Obstacles, Adversaries, and Inner Struggles (Vol. 2) has just been released, and as a Street Team member, I get to let everyone know that Angela & Becca have a celebration going on at Writers Helping Writers!

But first – let me share a bit about this new writing guide.

The Conflict Thesaurus is actually a two-book set; the first book, the GOLD EDITION, started a deep dive into CONFLICT, and this new SILVER EDITION continues that exploration, helping writers master this oh-so-important storytelling element.

If you’re new to Writers Helping Writers Thesaurus books, each one is part “how-to,” part brainstorming tool. So, in this silver second edition, writers learn about how conflict powers plot and functions as a golden thread that weaves the inner and outer stories together. It also looks at the different levels of conflict in a story and how conflict can characterize, create great clashes, raise the stakes, up the tension, and pull off a climatic finish that will satisfy readers.

The brainstorming ‘thesaurus” portion looks at 115 Conflict Scenarios that will help you dream up a variety of problems and challenges that can shape your characters into the people they must become to achieve their story goal.

Angela and Becca always host a fun event at their book launch. This year, they have two things to check out:

A book about conflict warrants a FIGHT CLUB type of writing contest, don’t you think? So if you want to show off your conflict-writing abilities, come test your skills. You might just win a GREAT prize…and bragging rights, of course!

Also, You Could Win a Digital Bookshelf of Writing Guides

Angela and Becca want you to own some of their favorite writing guides, so follow the link to enter. You might just snag a 5-packs of amazing craft books that will get you one step closer to mastery!

Good luck in the giveaway and writing contest!  


As with previous reference books from Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi, this new Conflict Thesaurus encompasses all things that can be related to conflict and tension in a story. And let’s face it. Without conflict and tension, a story falls flat. There is nothing for the characters to overcome. So, as with Volume 1 of the Conflict Thesaurus, Volume 2 gives examples of conflict scenarios, minor complications, potentially disastrous results, resulting emotion, possible internal struggles, negative traits that may worsen a situation, impact on basic needs, and positive traits and outcomes. It is the ultimate guide to obstacles, adversaries, and inner struggles.

I love that this volume is broken down into sections. It begins with Loss of Control, then moves to Power Struggles, Losing an Advantage, Ego-Related Conflicts, Dangers and Threats, and Miscellaneous Challenges. Each section has numerous examples to help with any conflict situation.

It is truly another essential part of the holy grail for writers. If you are serious about your craft and enjoy having helpful reference books at your fingertips, this is a must-have for you! I highly recommend it, along with Volume 1 as well.

25 thoughts on “The Conflict Thesaurus SILVER EDITION Is Here! (+Giveaway) @WriterThesaurus

  1. I’m also a big fan of this series and find it quite helpful. Some writing blogs are rather meh, but I always learn something from Angela of Becca when they blog. Good to know so many others love this series too.

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  2. Great post, Jan. I’m a proud owner of several of Angela and Becca’s thesauruses and refer to them a lot! They’re incredibly handy, and I could use one of them right now. Lol. I’m not surprised by your glowing review. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. I love the Thesaurus series. I’m so happy Angela and Becca have released another volume. I’m looking forward to reading it. (And then referring to it again and again and again.) Best wishes to them.

    Jan, thanks for hosting.

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