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It’s always a pleasure to welcome a fellow Story Empire author to my blog site, and today I’m happy to welcome C.S. Boyack to talk about his latest book release. If you have followed The Hat series, you already know about Lizzie and her sidekick, the hat, who just happens to be from another dimension with all kinds of crazy powers and skills, including playing the bass guitar using Lizzie’s fingers. I’ve read all the books in this series and can attest to the fact they are super entertaining! Mr. Boyack’s imagination knows no boundaries. Take a look at his newest creation!


It’s wonderful to get out and visit your blog, Jan. Means a lot that you’d donate your space to me. We all need places to promote, and I’d love to return the favor any time you’d like.

It seems like this tour is turning more into author tips and tricks than any I’ve done before, but they seem to make a good sales pitch. Before we dive into that, there’s a blurb and cover down below to give you more details about this story. My tips are also going to cover some of the events from the story.

So, why the flood? In every paranormal/supernatural/horror story, it’s important to delve into the isolation. The inability to escape or offer assistance. The characters have to solve the problems on their own. Pretty standard fare. I’m on record as trying to avoid low-hanging fruit, so I tried to come up with something different.

This is urban fantasy, and urban is part of the mix. It seems out of place to plunk my main characters in a remote cabin or put them in a plane crash miles from anywhere. After this many volumes, it would seem jarring to change the setting so drastically. I came up with the flood.

It isn’t unrealistic. 2022 seemed to have major flooding everywhere. While we were drying up out west and doing rain dances, other parts of the country were having their cars and homes washed away. Realistic…check.

Floods impede action. This is nearly as good as isolation because acting fast isn’t an option. My heroes can’t just cross town to save the day.

Part of these stories involves the struggles of a young person trying to make ends meet. Cars get ruined, and basement apartments are at risk during a major storm like this one. Work dries up after a major catastrophe. Plays right into my hands.

People sometimes have to stay put for a day or so, because nature is unforgiving. A young woman and young man staying in the same house might develop a certain kind of affection under the right circumstances if her magical hat doesn’t get in the way.

I had to do a lot of research into FEMA assistance after such an event, and made good use of it, even into the subsequent story, which I’m still drafting.

I promise not to make it so readers must read one story before tackling the next one. It wasn’t even that hard to pull off. FEMA food stamps are kind of self-explanatory even if you didn’t read The Midnight Rambler. I hope you will, though. It’s Halloween season and seems like the perfect way to while away an afternoon.

Created in Canva


Something evil is after the hat. The ageless enemies have battled many times, but this time Lizzie is wearing the hat. She’s also up against a ticking clock, in that if she can’t find the maker of her new friend’s medicine, he will die.

The Rambler has kidnapped the only witch capable of making Ray’s medicine in an attempt to make the hat sloppy in his efforts. He’s also flooded the streets with deadly minions to impede any progress our heroes might make.

As if that weren’t enough, Lizzie is facing more of life’s struggles, both financially and mechanically. This all goes down in the middle of a huge flood event that she’s ill-equipped to handle.

Join Lizzie and the hat as they battle the elements, the paranormal, and a being of pure evil. Lizzie might be battling some personal demons along the way as she and Ray grow closer.

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72 thoughts on “The Midnight Rambler by C.S. Boyack #NewRelease @virgilante

    1. I try to keep them all unique. I think that’s better than the old cover and blurb tours. Some are going to be better than others, but they almost have to be at a certain number. Appreciate you following along.

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  1. I appreciate Craig sharing his writing and thought process—one of the most interesting elements of writing to me. It’s a bit wild how many catastrophic weather events there’ve been in the past couple of years, so a flood seems like a good element.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks for visiting, Pete. I agree we’ve certainly had some wild catastrophic weather events over the past couple of years. In this book, the flood presented some obstacles for sure. I appreciate you leaving a comment!

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      1. Yes, we’re in our 4th consecutive drought year in California, Last year, we had wildfires still burning in December. Crazy times, indeed.

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  2. I loved this book, and the weather played a major factor in the story. I hope Lizzie’s carpet dries out sometime in the near future. And I can relate to having to turn around to find new routes to get across town when streets flood. At least the rain made people stay inside so they weren’t attacked by dead people with pumpkin heads who were armed with weapons:)

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  3. Another great post along the tour. The flooding did add another layer to the story when they couldn’t just go from one point to another easily.
    Thanks for hosting, Jan!

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  4. Good to see Craig here today, Jan, and I have to say, I’m getting more and more anxious to read this one. Looking forward to my blogging commitments slowing down in the next week or so, and having a LOT more time for catching up on my reading, including reading this entire series from start to finish.

    Best wishes for huge success with Midnight Rambler, Craig, and thanks for sharing, Jan! 😊😊😊

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  5. Congratulations, Craig. I’m looking forward to reading The Midnight Rambler. It sounds amazing. Thank you, Jan, for putting the spotlight on Craig today. 🎃

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  6. Reblogged this on Entertaining Stories and commented:
    I’m visiting with Jan Sikes today. We’re talking about the flood in the background of The Midnight Rambler. Jan is one of my Story Empire partners and a fabulous author herself. Check out her wares. She covers a broad spectrum and you’re sure to find something you like. She’s also a generous blogger and you’ll want to follow her blog.

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  7. Another great tour stop for The Midnight Rambler. Given the Halloween seasons, readers couldn’t pick a better time of year to snatch up this novella. I thoroughly enjoyed Craig’s latest addition to the Lizzie and hat universe.

    Congrats to Craig and thanks for hosting, Jan.

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