Saddled Hearts #BookReview @NNP_W_Light @wildrosepress #wrpbks

I have something a little different to share today that isn’t a regular blog tour stop. N.N. Light’s Book Heaven has posted a review for Saddled Hearts that I want to share. I am over the moon from the kind words. I’d love it if you’d take a minute to go over and share. I know her site isn’t always easy to leave a comment on, but any and all shares are appreciated. Here is the link:

Our regular tour will resume tomorrow with not only one but two stops!

And don’t forget to participate in the scavenger hunt. Things You’d Find On A Ranch is the theme, and there are clues included in each blog post. So send in your entries to SaddledHearts{at}gmail{dot}com!

Hidden within the blog posts are clues you will need to look for. The theme is “Things You’d Find On A Ranch.” When you find these clues, email your answers to me at With CONTEST In the subject line. The person with the most correct entries will win a $25 Amazon Gift Card! The runner-up will receive an eBook of Saddled Hearts! It Pays To Play!

The link to each blog post will be listed here with comments closed. I’d be thrilled and honored if you’d saddle up and ride along with me as we traverse the blogging world!

DAY 1 – Staci Troilo

DAY 2 – Beem Weeks

DAY 3 – Yvette Calliero

DAY 4 – Harmony Kent

DAY 5 – Mary Morgan AND Gwen Plano

DAY 6 – Mark Bierman

DAY 7 – Mae Clair

DAY 8 – John Howell

DAY 9 – C.S. Boyack

DAY 10 – Jacqui Murray

DAY 11 – Teri Polen

DAY 12 – Dan Antion

DAY 13 – D.L. Finn

DAY 14 – Joan Hall

DAY 15 – Linnea Tanner

DAY 16 – Stephen Geez

DAY 17 – Annette Rochelle Aben

DAY 18 – Darlene Fredette AND Marlena Burris

Day 19 – Erika Kind