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Welcome to the start of another week! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.

I LOVE this quote from Dolly Parton!

The affirmations in this meditation are powerful!

And now for our Tarot Cards for the week.

Photo by Jan Sikes

I get excited when any of the Ace cards show up in a reading, but the Ace of Swords is my favorite. It represents a mental breakthrough, a new idea, or mental clarity. It marks a wave of new energy from the intellectual realms. See this card as a sign of encouragement. It says your mind is in ‘expansion mode.’ You thrive on new ideas, inspiration, original thinking, and vision, and you are excited to pursue new opportunities that draw upon your creative and intellectual abilities.

The Ten of Wands indicates an extra burden, a heavier workload, or greater responsibility. Even though it is weighing you down and making things tougher for you, you understand it is only temporary, so you are willing to put in the hard work now to accomplish your goal and reap the rewards later. Sometimes, the Ten of Wands appears when you are unconsciously taking on extra responsibility and finding yourself feeling weighed down, exhausted, and burnt out. You may try to do everything at once, even though you know it is adding extra pressure to your daily life. The Ten of Wands asks you to stop and examine your current lifestyle or work. The good news is that the Tens in Tarot represent the completion of a cycle, and with the Ten of Wands, the end is in sight!

If my memory serves me correctly, we’ve recently had the Seven of Swords card. It talks about betrayal, deception, or getting away with something. On a more positive note, the Seven of Swords points out that you need to be strategic in what you do. You know you cannot do everything at once – nor should you. Instead, you must prioritize what’s important to you and direct your focus and attention on the few tasks that will move you closer to your goals. It’s the 80-20 rule: 20% of your work will account for 80% of your results, so focus on the 20%. You may be able to accept some responsibilities or duties, but not all of them. Or you may say ‘yes’ to some projects at the expense of others. It also suggests that you may need to use shortcuts or the ‘backdoor’ to get what you want.


The Ace of Swords is pretty straightforward. New ideas are plentiful right now. I don’t know about you, but it is true for me. I currently have two writing projects clamoring for my attention. That being said, it’s more work to accomplish goals. But we are no strangers to hard work, and the extra burden is temporary. I love the 80-20 rule associated with the Seven of Swords. It ties directly into the Ten of Wands. It looks like the energy is going to be powerful this week!

And now the Angel Card for the week. To me, it ties directly into the Tarot reading.

Take Back Your Power! Archangel Raziel: "Use your God-given power and intention to manifest blessings in your life."

37 thoughts on “#MondayMotivation #Meditation #TarotReading #AngelOracleCard

  1. Dolly Parton continues to amaze us with her wit and wisdom. How unfair that she’s frequently labeled as a “dumb blond,” as if hair color determines one’s intelligence.

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    1. As with any stereotype, it has absolutely no foundation. But she always makes jokes about being a dumb blond. Her wit is honest and fun. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment, Pete!

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  2. The angel card took my breath away. Love the reading. Ideas are keep me awake until I write thrm down. I do need to say no more often and working hard is never a problem for me. Thsnks, Jan for another great reading. Xo

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    1. It is beautiful, isn’t it? I get such inspiration from all the Oracle cards, and these Angels are always right on the money. I am right there with you about working hard. I’ve worked hard all my life, so it’s normal for me. Thank you so much for stopping by! Hugs and wishes for a great week ahead!


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