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Hello, beautiful souls! Welcome to another Monday post where I hope you’ll find something that lifts you and prepares you for the week ahead.

What an incredible quote from Albert Einstein to start us off.

Keeping with the theme of miracles, I found this wonderful meditation. Enjoy!

Some interesting cards this week.

Photo by Jan Sikes

In the what you need to know position, The Moon card from the major arcana is reminding us that under the light of the moon, all that is hidden is revealed. It is an invitation to examine your shadow self. Sometimes that is uncomfortable as there are things about ourselves we don’t want to acknowledge, much less examine. But when we can honestly face those elements of our being, we have such a huge opportunity to grow. It is possible that you may have been deceived, most likely by your own perception, and under the moon’s influence, that is revealed. What is brought to light can be either illuminated or eliminated. The moon shows you where the work can be done through dreams and developing your intuition. Listen to your intuition and reconnect with aspects of your inner self that may have been hidden. This card offers such a big opportunity for growth.

In the new perspective position, the Eight of Wands is a pure action card. It brims with the energy of hastiness and speed. This is one of the few cards in the tarot deck that doesn’t depict a person. This puts emphasis on the action taking place. These wands often carry messages in the form of letters, phone calls, emails, texts, or news heard from the lips of a passing stranger. However these messages come, they bring an element of excitement, speeding up events in your life and possibly disrupting your daily routine, often in an overwhelmingly positive way. Life is moving you quickly toward your personal goals.

In the action to take position, The Seven of Wands deals with unforeseen challenges and obstacles that arise on your path, asking you to be assertive and strategic rather than acting defensive. Being courageous in the face of adversity and listening to your intuition is the best way to handle pressure and increase your success. This card can also indicate that you may find yourself speaking on behalf of others or coming to the defense of a family member or friend. Maintain an objective stance, focus on the facts, and work toward a solution.


I love what The Moon card represents. Sure, it’s not easy facing aspects of yourself that are not pleasant, but there is such a great reward in working through those shadow pieces. Maybe just stop and take a good look at what you might perceive as a negative trait. Then, take action to shift that.

It almost seems as if the seven and eight of wands needed to be reversed, but I take them like they come out. So my thoughts about them are to be open to unexpected messages and take action while standing strong in your truth and being ready to defend yourself or others about that action. Your thoughts?

What a warm and comforting message from the Angel cards this week!

Remember Who You Are! Archangel Michael: "You are a powerful, loving and creative child of God. You are very loved."

I hope you have a great week ahead. A reminder that there will be no Monday post next week as I will be traveling.

33 thoughts on “#MondayMotivation – #Meditation #TarotCardReading #AngelOracleCard

  1. Hi Jan, a really interesting reading this week especially in light of all the corruption being revealed about my countries power utility, a parastatal. The shadowy side of the shenanigans is certainly under public scrutiny. I certainly would stand by my beliefs in this regard so some application to me personally too.

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    1. That’s pretty unique, Yvette. The willingness to face the shadow self is not something everyone can easily do. I applaud you for your commitment to your spiritual journey! Thank you for stopping by! Hugs!

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  2. What a message again. There is something I carry along from many years ago that I am very aware of. I don’t deny it but still, it keeps haunting me. Probably, I (consciously or unconsciously) still don’t look at the root. I hope that I can get there one day. I think once I find that root a lot will dissolve. I feel that it is connected with many blocks in me. So, looking at the other two cards… what a reading!

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    1. That is so true, Erika. Once we get down to the root of an issue, we can dissolve it. The Moon card is a great inspiration for that. I wish you the very best on your journey! Have a great week ahead. Thank you for visiting!

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    1. Yes, I do, Joan. The moon is such a powerful feminine influence. Facing what we might perceive as unpleasant things about ourselves can be so freeing. Thank you for stopping by. I wish you a wonderful week ahead!

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  3. An interesting and good reading today. I like the Moon card telling us to be more introspective and in touch with ourselves and facing up to the more hidden aspects to help us grow. And I love the angel card ❤️

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    1. I loved it too, Jeanne. We tend to want to brush those unpleasant things about ourselves under the rug, but this reading encourages us to face them and make choices. Thank you so much for stopping by today! Have a great week ahead!


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