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I’m happy to be back with a Monday post. I hope you enjoy.

Isn’t that so true? I found this meditation to be uplifting and empowering!

I drew some interesting cards today. We’ll see what story they tell.

Photo by Jan Sikes

I have often said the only card in the entire tarot deck I fear is The Tower. And here we have it. So, I’m going to try to take a positive spin on it.

It sits in the “what you need to know” position. The Tower signals sudden changes that are beyond your control. It sweeps you out of your comfort zone, and while it can be scary and upsetting, it is in that moment you experience growth and expansion. The message the card offers is that you must persevere since the aspects of your life that are being torn down are no longer serving you. There is a new way of thinking and being that wants to break through. But breaking down old structures makes space for a new way of being in the world. Change is possible.

In the “new perspective” position, we have the Five of Swords. It basically indicates some conflict, whether it be external or internal. This card cautions against hurting others. It is heavy with emotion from both the triumphant and the defeated. The warning here is to understand what your triggers are that can escalate conflict and choose to react differently. After all, it’s always a choice. It’s best to know when to run and when to walk away, or on the other hand, when to stay and fight for what you believe.

In the “action to take” position, the Ten of Wands is pretty straightforward. It is all about taking on too much responsibility or a load that is too heavy. It signals being completely overwhelmed by taking on too many tasks. The warning here is to be aware of this and take action to change it. Living at this level of heavy stress takes its toll on the mind, body, and spirit. Learning to ask for help or delegating is the solution to look for when you find yourself in this situation.


There are times when the old must crumble and while it can be unpleasant, it is also a time of great growth and expansion as we make way for the new. If you find yourself in a conflict over new ideas or ways of living your life, take a minute to really examine if it’s worth fighting over. Then be prepared to take on new responsibilities and heavier workload as you move forward into the new and better you!

I LOVE this Angel Oracle Card. It makes me think of spring cleaning, and it is nudging me to get my taxes done. 🙂

That’s it. I hope you have a great week ahead!

38 thoughts on “#MondayMotivation – #Meditation #TarotReading #AngelOracleCard

  1. I think we both got the same reading! I keep getting the tax notice too. But I just flew from Puerto Vallarta to Istanbul, and that’s enough drama for me now. It always works out when I tackle the messages one by one. Sending you peace and joy.

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    1. Hey, Lynda! It’s great to see you pop up here. You have been on such a huge adventure! Glad you made the flight okay and hope as the rest of the week unfolds that the drama lessens! Thanks for visiting!


  2. Thanks for the wisdom, Jan. Being willing to change and adapt are necessities in the 21st century. Jung’s philosophy fits in any area of life, especially creative ones.

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    1. So true, Pete. And not just in the 21st century but throughout all time. The one constant we can count on is change. Following change is the need to adapt. So glad you enjoyed the post, and I agree about Jung’s quote. Thank you for visiting!

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  3. Great reading, Jan. What immediately came to me was that the current way of trying to market books is not working. We launch them with hype, and then slowly, sales dwindle. A new program is needed. That program will require thought. The tower card brought this situation to mind. Hopefully, the Ten of Wands won’t be an influence on the degree of difficulty. Thanks for the reading.

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    1. That is such a true insight, John. We work hard to get our work out there, and as you say, then sit back and watch sales dwindle to nothing. Then we start the cycle all over again. I really like that comparison to the Tower card. Let the old walls come down so we can replace them with something better for everyone. I think when any system is threatened, there is conflict. And no doubt, hard work would be required to implement a new and better way of doing business. Thank you for your input. Good stuff!

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    1. Don’t ever feel that way, Robbie. Always think positive. We are loved, and we are protected, and we always have the strength given to us to face anything we have to. Sending you light, love, and big hugs!

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  4. I never like seeing that tower card either, Jan! I always know there is work ahead and change. Deciding where to put our energy though is worth the upheaval if it opens a new, and good door. Yes, spring cleaning will keep me busy especially after all these storms. Can’t wait to see all the beauty after. Xo

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    1. Oh my yes, Denise. No doubt you will have lots of cleanup to do after the crazy storms. I love the angel’s advice to prioritize. That helps keep it from becoming overwhelming. Thank you so much for stopping by, and I wish you good days ahead!

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    1. I understand, Staci. It can certainly make us weary. Here’s hoping for a ray of sunshine somewhere in the week ahead. I agree about the angel card, and I now have a list to start marking off. Hugs to you, my friend.

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  5. Hmm, I can relate to this reading in a general way. Since I want to fill life with meaning, I am constantly thrown off my comfort zone. This can stress me to my limit when too many projects are coming together simultaneously. Then I am not very patient and can react stressed and aggressive. It is then upon me to notice that I am loading too much on my back and I have to find ways to solve this.

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    1. It’s a vicious cycle, Erika. I find myself in it over and over again. I think Archangel’s advice to prioritize is golden. I now have a list I’m working off of. So glad you got some good from today’s post. I wish you a good week ahead! Thanks for visiting.


      1. Yes, seems it is part of our personality which simply gets in the way… however, it has also taken us quite a long way, right?
        Have a lovely week too, Jan!


  6. Well, this reading is reflecting my current life situation. And your insight has helped me expand on my destination and changes. Thank you, Jan. Have a good week, dear lady. 🙂

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    1. Oh good, Mary. It certainly helped me put it all in perspective. I now have a list based on priorities and will work off that until it’s clear. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Thank you so much for visiting!


  7. A heavier workload? Oh no! Say it isn’t so, LOL!
    Actually, I’ve been making it a practice to step back from loading on tasks when life becomes to overwhelming, but part of that definitely relates to prioritizing.

    Love the angel card. Happy Monday, Jan!

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    1. The Angel card brings it all together, doesn’t it, Mae? A heavier workload is just almost too much for me this week, but when I look at what all I have piled onto my plate, I see it is there. So, I’m going to take Archangel Metatron’s advice and prioritize. I wish you a great week ahead, and thank you for taking time to visit! Hugs!

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    1. That is such an important lesson, Jill. I applaud you! Setting boundaries is my biggest life lesson and one I keep having to face over and over again. Maybe one day I’ll get it right. Thank you for stopping by!


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