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I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter weekend. Time to take a look at the week ahead. This quote from E.B. White hit me right in the gut!

The meditation I chose for today goes along with the quote.

This is such an energetic Tarot spread this week!

Photo by Jan Sikes

Pages are often seen as messengers. The Page of Wands is full of youthful energy and may represent a child or younger person or even a message from your own inner child urging you to be playful and adventurous. This Page is grounded yet playful, and someone who sees the world through a lens of curiosity. Good news, possibly through email, texts, phone calls or direct conversations, is coming your way. Be open to creative experiences, new opportunities, and expressing yourself in ways that feel fresh and dynamic. If you’ve been feeling very busy and need to prioritize your tasks, implement time-management practices and make sure you deliver on your promises.

The Judgement card is indicative of you taking the next step in your personal growth, accepting yourself and releasing the past. The process of releasing judgment of yourself is often the hardest thing we have to do, yet so essential in moving forward on the journey. Be willing to accept your past, then release it so you can enjoy what life is bringing to you next. Don’t allow past mistakes to rule your present or your future. The Judgement card contains all the elements of the cycle of surrender-release-forgive. In this process, you allow yourself to move on from the past and into a more vibrant future.

Another messenger card, The Page of Pentacles, may represent working at the beginning stages of a project or starting down a new path. What you are working toward is grounded in reality and can grow unto lasting abundance with focus and steady effort. Stay steadfast in your vision and know that the beginning stages can often be frustrating, causing you to lose patience. Listen to your intuition to guide you to the next practical steps to propel yourself forward.


To me, these cards are pretty straightforward, and I most definitely resonate with each of them. I’ve felt as if I’m at a crossroads in my writing career and ready to make some changes. So, the advice to be aware of incoming new opportunities is encouraging and uplifting. Letting go of past mistakes, and allowing self-forgiveness is an essential cycle in growing and moving forward. Focusing on your vision and taking practical steps to reach a goal is a great message this week! Let’s embrace it! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

And what an appropriate and gorgeous Angel Card!!

Archangel Jophiel: "Your dreams are blooming more rapidly than you realize. Still, the need nurturing and patience."

31 thoughts on “#MondayMotivation #Meditation #TarotReading #AngelOracleCard

  1. Just yesterday I was reflecting on the novel I should be writing, the one I’ve been trying to finish for years, but my schedule is so busy that I haven’t been able to commit the time to it. I felt regret and a bit of remorse, but then I took a deep breath and accepted that the time just isn’t there. I’m not giving up on the book; it just has to sit on the shelf for a bit. Until then, I’m writing poetry, which can be done in short bits of time and sprinkled throughout my day. It’s bringing back my enjoyment of writing, that child-like enjoyment. As for my goal, it has nothing to do with writing, but I’ve realized that I needed to break it into small steps and hold myself accountable. So, in my own way, this reading resonates with me. Great post, Jan!

    Yvette M Calleiro 🙂

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    1. It’s interesting that you aren’t the only one who mentioned drawing back from the time commitment required to write a novel and instead focusing on poems and short pieces that bring you joy. When writing becomes a chore instead of a joy, it’s time to reassess. It seems many of us are in the same boat. Thank you so much for leaving a comment. I’m happy you enjoyed the post, and wish you a great week ahead!


  2. I think I’m at that crossroads with you regarding writing, Jan. Lately I’ve been examining and re-evaluating a lot. And I positively love the message of the angel card. Wishing you a fabulous, creative, and positive week, my friend!

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    1. Many of us seem to be at the same point of contemplation about our writing life. I know we are all on our individual paths, but they are conjoined in some ways, also. I’m so glad you enjoyed today’s post, and I wish you a wonderful week ahead! Hugs!

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  3. I love that angel card the the quote, Jan 🙂 i can easily relate to this reading. My inner child has been overwhelmed and needed some rest. I am at a point where I am deciding my next writing step and what I want to embrace. Offers all kinds of possibilities. Xo

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    1. It seems that many of us are trying to decide our next writing steps, Denise. After so many years of publishing, I think it’s a good thing to reevaluate where we are and why. I do hope you get a chance to nourish your inner child and get some rest this week. I’m glad you enjoyed the post today. Thank you for stopping by. Hugs!

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  4. Ah, the message of patience struck home. This reminded me of my mantra years ago when I first started in this business: Slow and steady…

    Lovely reading, Jan. Have a fabulous week! 🙂

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    1. Slow and steady is a great mantra, Mary. Anyone wanting to move fast will end up disappointed. Thank you so much for visiting, and I’m happy you enjoyed today’s post! Hugs!


  5. “Letting go of past mistakes, and allowing self-forgiveness is an essential cycle in growing and moving forward.” That is so true, Jan. Love the quote by E. B. White and the angel card is lovely.

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    1. The words are so much easier to be said than done, Joan, but when we can actually let go and allow forgiveness, wonderful things can come. I’m so glad you enjoyed today’s quote and angel card. Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment!

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