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It’s time for another Monday post that I hope you will find inspiring! I love this quote!

And this meditation left me feeling relaxed and confident!

Now for some guidance from the Tarot cards.

Photo by Jan Sikes

This is a feel-good draw for the week ahead. The Ten of Cups basically represents a celebration of some sort. I had two pretty big celebrations over the weekend, so it is fitting for me. Another interpretation is a culmination of emotional fulfillment, which opens the gateway to the next adventure. Emotional fulfillment looks different for each individual at different stages in their life. So, take a minute to think about what that means to you. If you have longstanding family issues, this card indicates a positive resolution. Enjoy the sensation of feeling secure with your overall well-being, and make time to celebrate your successes with people who feel like family. The number ten indicates the completion of a cycle. One cycle is ending so that another may begin.

The Strength card is pretty straightforward. It reminds us that it’s not the size of our muscles but the willingness within our hearts that matters. When we show courage, we can endure any obstacles we encounter. You can trust yourself to handle any situation that arises. The infinity symbol on the card indicates we are all capable of overcoming struggles both internally and externally. Whether you’re making changes in your life or working to reach the next deepest level of your connection with the divine, you have what it takes to face and overcome any challenges with bravery trusting your inner strength.

The Three of Wands can indicate an adventure that lies ahead. You use your energy to work with others. Surrounding yourself with inspiring people will help you expand to the next level of personal growth. There may be an element of waiting for the right opportunity to come to you, but you are reminded to be creative and productive, allowing expanded prosperity to grow. This card can also often indicate travel of some kind.


On a personal level, the celebration card fits my weekend perfectly. I took my books to the guitar show on Saturday, then celebrated my youngest grandson’s birthday on Sunday. I love that it is a completion and gateway card. It’s always exciting to see what the next adventure might be. And it’s comforting to know we have what it takes to overcome challenges, whether internal or external, with courage. Then be aware of opportunities for your next adventure that will expand growth. Sounds like a great week ahead to me!

Thoughts? Does this reading resonate with you in any way?

And this Angel oracle card is perfect for spring cleaning season!

Clear Your Space
Archangel Jophiel: "Get rid of clutter, clear the energy around you, and use feng shui."

34 thoughts on “#MotivationMonday #Meditation #TarotCardReading #AngelOracleCard

  1. Sure am liking the cards for this week, Jan. With Derby, we sure had some celebrations this weekend with friends and family. I’m really hoping for some good news with another family situation this week. Keep your fingers crossed. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!

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    1. That is so true, John. And we never really realize how strong we are until we are faced with hard things in life. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Have a great week ahead!

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    1. I hadn’t thought of Mother’s Day when I pulled the card, Robbie, but it is applicable to many of us. I hope you enjoy the wonderful celebrations! And Happy Birthday to your hubby! Thank you for visiting!

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  2. This is a good pull, Sister. I feel I’m emerging from a dark period. Things are getting better and today I have less fog in my brain.

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    1. Yay!! And that Strength card is so fitting for you. You do have such an amazing inner strength to face whatever comes. So glad things are getting a little smoother for you. Love you so much. Thank you for leaving a comment!


    1. That’s wonderful to hear, Mae. I’m so glad the post was helpful. Facing challenges is never easy, but I do believe we all have the inner strength to do so, no matter what they are. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and leave a comment! Hugs!


  3. I hate clutter and am surrounded by it. I don’t know why it’s taking me so long to deal with this move, but I’m six months in and still putting off hard (or not so hard) decisions on what to keep and what to get rid of. Just having trouble with endings right now, I guess.

    Happy birthday to your grandson!

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    1. Sometimes, it’s too hard to try and make those decisions, Staci. So, we put them off. I know from experience how hard it is to let go of some things. Endings are not easy on our minds and hearts. But without endings, there can be no new beginnings. Thank you for stopping by and for the birthday wishes for Connor! Hugs!

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  4. Another great set of cards and I love the angel message. I finally got in there and started cleaning my closet out. I do have the spring cleaning urge. Glad you had a wonderful weekend of celebration!

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    1. I agree, Yvette. It’s always good to be reminded we have the inner strength to face whatever life throws our way. How wonderful to have a fun trip coming up soon. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Have a great week!

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  5. Beautiful reading, Jan. The strength card resonated a lot with me. Have some health challenges in the next couple weeks. Enjoy your week, my friend. 🙂

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    1. I’m so sorry to hear you are having health challenges, Mary. I will send up prayers for complete healing for you. Thank you for stopping by, and know in your heart of hearts you have the strength to take on all of life’s challenges. Hugs!


    1. Lol! I know, Joan. I’m right there with you. My office is cluttered again, and it’s time to shut everything down and organize. I need to put in receipts for the past three months. 🙂 It’s a chore I hate, so I always put it off. Thanks for stopping by! I wish you a wonderful week as well.

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