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Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I enjoyed spending Mother’s Day with my daughters and grandchildren. There’s nothing better!

This quote from Tennessee Williams touched me, and I hope it will you as well.

There are so many wonderful meditations on YouTube to choose from, and I found a new source today.

Our weekly reading indicates a mixture of possible events.

Photo by Jan Sikes

The Two of Cups indicates a partnership or sharing of ideas and emotions. The meeting of two brings balance and harmony to a nurturing relationship. This card indicates you are ready to or have taken an existing connection to a deeper level. The lion symbolizes passion and protection from above, while the caduceus evokes balance in communication.

The Sun always brings clarity and enthusiasm. Often the sun will appear after a dark period, illuminating murky situations and dispelling confusion and doubt. Seeing the world through the eyes of a child or connecting to your own inner child is a rewarding and productive way to utilize this card’s energy. The Sun card brings renewed vitality and improved health. Be on the lookout for any opportunities that may come your way, as they may prove to be very beneficial.

The Six of Swords is often referred to as The Ferryman card. It is indicative of moving forward on a healing journey, leaving behind what no longer works for you. And you are not alone. While the water is choppy on one side of the boat, what lies ahead on the other side is peaceful and serene. It’s not always easy to make this journey and release old patterns. But the effort is worthwhile, and it’s comforting to know we are never alone. This card may also indicate physical travel.


The Two of Cups describes my Mother’s Day yesterday. It was a wonderful opportunity to spend time with family and deepen our connection through honest communication and sharing of love. I’m always happy to see The Sun card as it dispels darkness and brings optimism and clarity. And when can we not use that? I need it every day! We’ve had the Six of Swords before, and it is always a sign of moving forward and releasing the past. I love that we are moving toward something better. That should always be our goal in life.

What about you? Do any of these cards speak to you?

Here is our beautiful Angel card for the week.

Archangel Raguel: "Notice your recurring physical and emotional feelings, as they signify Divine guidance."

36 thoughts on “#MotivationMonday – #Meditation – #TarotCardReading #AngelOracleCard

  1. I’m still basking in the glow of my weekend with my daughters and grandchildren, Jan. Didn’t get much sleep, but I feel renewed with my time with them. Feeling blessed right at the moment. Have a fabulous week! xo

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    1. Isn’t that a wonderful feeling, Mary? Sleep is highly overrated, anyway. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by. I love that you are feeling blessed and renewed. Sending big hugs!


  2. I loved the Sun card in this reading and its message of renewed health. The last few months have been difficult. And the Six of Swords indicating travel is accurate since I’ll take a trip next week. 🙂 A good reading. I’m glad you had a wonderful Mother’s Day, Sister.

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    1. I agree, sister. The message of renewed health is a wonderful one, especially for you. And yes. You will be traveling next week, so very fitting for you. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment!

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    1. That’s wonderful, Yvette. There is a good feeling when honest and open communication happens. It’s always good to gain peace and clarity. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I wish you a good week ahead!

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  3. So happy you had a good Moms Day, Jan. I saw the exploding card…what fun! We did our Mom day hike. I’m all for letting go of what holds us back and those repeat patterns we cant get past. I thought travel when I saw this reading, maybe because I’m getting ready for a trip… lol. One part of it will be on a boat, hopefully with some dolphin interact 🙂

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    1. Lol, Denise. That exploding card was crazy, and of course, the kids all loved it. 🙂 I love the thought of a Mom day hike. It’s always great to be in nature. How wonderful that you have a relaxing and renewing trip coming up, Denise. I do hope you get your dolphin interaction. Thank you for stopping by. Hugs!

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  4. The Six of Swords speaks to me this week, Jan. I’m trying to clear out some things that will allow me to focus on more important tasks. Make some new habits. Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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    1. Isn’t it crazy how we seem to find ourselves going through the same cycles over and over? I clear out, get focused, carry on, and boom…here I go again. Phases and stages. Thank you for stopping by, Teri! Have a great week ahead!

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      1. Hi Terri, Jan and All.
        About the reading…
        When I first read through the cards, I wasn’t sure they spoke to me. Then, I reread them and thought about my life, and that changed how I viewed them. The reading speaks to the bond between my guide dog and me. We’ve come through another phase and though there are still some wrinkles to iron out we’re doing well.
        As to decluttering repeatedly…
        I clear out, focus and carry on, only to gather more experiences, which increases stuff of all types, which leads to another clearing.
        Life is a circle
        A terrible True cliche.

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  5. I’m so glad you had a wonderful Mother’s Day, Jan. I hope you were pampered! These cards are meaningful to me as I head into a blog break – to find some balance and harmony within myself! To enjoy the sun, literally and figuratively, and partake on a healing journey as I accomplish and let go of some of my to-do list that’s been nipping at my heels. I can’t wait to get outside! Have a wonderful week, my friend.

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    1. That sounds heavenly, Diana. Any kind of a break from the daily routine is always welcomed, and getting outside is even better. I hope you have a fantastic reprieve and get food for your soul. Thank you for stopping by. Sending hugs!

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  6. So good to hear that you had a lovely Mother’s Day, Jan. The reading is great. To me, it is also another proof that whether we keep the sun shining or not, it is depending on our thoughts (since the swords are related to thoughts). Therefore I also like the card with the peaceful and choppy water on the sides of the boat. That makes so much sense too.

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    1. That makes perfect sense, Erika. Our thoughts do control whether or not we keep the sun shining, and swords are related to the mind or intellect. Thank you for your insightful comment! Have a great day and week ahead!

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      1. Your readings are just so inspring every time. What I love about the Tarot cards is that on and the same reading can have so many meanings, perfectly tailored to the one who reads it. Thank your for that, Jan!


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