What Is A BioRhythm?

Back in the early days of my metaphysical journey, I learned about something called a BioRhythm. And until recent events unfolded for me, I had forgotten about it.

First of all, what is a BioRhythm?

According to the theory of BioRhythms, a person’s life is influenced by rhythmic biological cycles that affect his or her ability in various domains, such as mental, physical and emotional activity. These cycles begin at birth and oscillate in a steady (sine wave) fashion throughout life, and by modeling them mathematically, it is suggested that a person’s level of ability in each of these domains can be predicted from day to day.

What got me thinking about this was a series of events. First of all, my brand new (one month old) phone crashed last Thursday. I took it to the T-Mobile store and they were unable to restore it, so they gave me loaner phone and said my warranty replacement would be there by Saturday or Monday at the latest.

Okay. I didn’t panic. I had a loaner phone to use and it sounded promising. Saturday came and went with no phone call. Monday came and by mid-day, still no phone call, so I called them. Guess what? They didn’t have a phone for me and couldn’t find any record of one being requested. Wow! I was blown away. I know Mercury is in Retrograde, but this is the strongest it has ever influenced me.

After several hours of back-and-forth, I finally received a call from a T-Mobile Expert. He fumbled for about an hour still coming up with no solution to my problem and then told me I would probably get better results if I contacted Google myself (I have a Google Pixel 3a XL phone.) Really? Well, okay. So, I did and the lady eventually gave me two options. One, I could follow a link she sent and print a mailing label, then send the phone and expect a replacement in 14 days or; two, I could take it to the nearest UBreakIFix store as they were authorized to do their warranty work.

The 14 day wait didn’t appeal to me, so I went to the store. Sure enough within a couple of hours the phone was restored and I had it in my hands.

Then on Monday afternoon, while I was working, I hit my arm on a rectangular door handle and it cut a deep gash in my arm. (I apologize in advance for the graphic photo)

Yesterday, I took a jarring fall that has left me sore and a little bruised.

SO, that got me to thinking about my BioRhythm cycle and that the physical aspect must be way down.

I found an easy on-line calculator and sure enough what I suspected was true.

Are BioRhythms real? I suppose it’s a matter of opinion, but anytime I have paid attention, mine has been extremely accurate.

Want to see where your BioRhythm cycle is? Here’s the link to the Calculator: https://keisan.casio.com/exec/system/1340246447

I’m curious as to your thoughts.

By the way, my physical cycle will bottom out around July 25th, then start back up. Whew! I’m ready!