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Welcome to another Monday post. My hope, as always, is that you leave with some inspiration for your day or week ahead.

I love this profound quote!


Instead of a meditation, I am posting some positive affirmations for you today. Listening to them does help to raise your vibration.

The message from the Tarot is uplifting for the week.

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The King of Swords can represent you or another person who embodies the qualities of authority, intelligence, and use of logic to attain success. It can also represent the energy of a situation requiring you to take decisive action on your own behalf or to stand up for others who may not have the power to defend themselves. Listen to your intuition for messages that can guide you when it’s time to take action. Have the confidence to be the authority of your life by taking this action.

It seems we’ve had the Six of Wands show up recently, and here it is again. So, maybe we didn’t get the message the first time. This card is all about rewards for hard work, especially after a period of struggle. It focuses on feeling proud of your accomplishments, acknowledging your success, and accepting praise from others without shame or downplaying your success. It can also indicate a leveling up in all areas of life with good news coming to you related to your home or personal life.

The Nine of Pentacles goes hand-in-hand with the Six of Wands in that it is all about enjoying success after putting in the hard work and making intelligent choices. It’s time to relax and enjoy the comfortable world you’ve cultivated for yourself. This card indicates prosperity, and while we can see prosperity in many different ways, this card specifically indicates monetary abundance. You have everything you need.


The King of Swords speaks directly to me in relation to my finished WIP that I’ve been trying to decide on how I want to proceed with publishing. Do I want to go through a publisher or self-publish? This card is inviting me to make a decision based on intelligence and authority (or, as I see it, past experience). Maybe the Six of Wands keeps showing up because we rarely take the time to celebrate our accomplishments before moving on to something new. And how often do we shy away from praise for our work? I know I do. And while I love the symbolism in the Nine of Pentacles, and it is something I long to achieve, when I look at my bank account, I don’t see it yet. So maybe the message here is to have faith that it is on the way.

Your thoughts? Do these cards resonate with you in any way? Let’s chat!

I was drawn to share something different with you today from another deck of cards I have and love. I am fascinated by the story of Atlantis and its demise, and this deck of cards brings messages from that realm. I added a purchase link in case you’d like this deck for yourself.

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