Not A Friday Free-For-All!

I hadn’t planned to do a post today because I am going to be away from the house most of the day. With the grandkids out of school, my days have gotten filled.


Something over at N.N. Light’s Book Heaven happened that I absolutely had to share!

This kind of recognition is the fuel that keeps me going. But to have this book make a finalist list means more than the world to me. It came out in January of this year, and of the three books in The White Rune Series, this one got the least attention and reviews. I suppose it was the middle child syndrome. However, when I received a low-rated review for it from InD’Tale Magazine, my spirits sank. Perhaps I hadn’t done the story justice. Every doubt a writer can have crept in. So, you can understand why this accolade has me doing a happy dance.

When Vann Noble first showed up in Ghostly Interference, I knew I needed to tell his story. I wrote Jagged Feathers to give this soldier some happiness in his life. He’d been through so much and was completely alone, except for his faithful canine, Champion. I also wanted to pull from my first-hand experience with someone losing a limb, as my late husband was an amputee. I knew, up close and personal, the challenges Vann would face, especially in daring to have an intimate relationship with a woman. But Nakina Bird had her flaws too. And together, they worked through the obstacles.

Now you can see why I am celebrating! This was a story that came straight from my heart.

For those of you who have picked up Jagged Feathers, and especially to those who have read and reviewed it, THANK YOU!!! If you haven’t picked it up yet, and it interests you, just click on the book title to purchase.

Remember my Story Empire post on book awards? This is exactly why you should consider entering!

I wish everyone a wonderful weekend of writing, reading, or whatever activities you participate in! Stay positive through this hectic time of year!

Birthday Month – Free Short Story – Radio Interview – Book Award Finalist

August is my birthday month, and to help celebrate, I’ve made Voodoo Or Destiny: You Decide free until Friday! I’d love it if you’d pick up a copy to help me observe another trip around the sun. There will be another free short story next week!


I have been asked to be a guest on a streamed radio show Wednesday, August 17th at 10 am CST, and I would be thrilled if you could tune in! I will be talking about my writing journey with Friendlee Buffington. And I’m looking forward to it!

Streaming Link

Here’s the link to the show:

Also, I am super thrilled to learn that Jagged Feathers has made the finalist list for the North Texas Book Festival Book Awards!! The winners will be announced Saturday, August 20th, before the book festival begins. I’m on pins and needles! Cross your fingers for a win for this book!

If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, the Amazon price has been reduced.


Saddled Hearts is still available for pre-order with a release date of October 19, 2022.

That’s it for now. More to come!