Friday Free For All! #Grandkids #Water

Happy Friday! We’ve made another week.

My daughter and son-in-law left on Wednesday morning for an anniversary vacation, so I have the two grandgirls and granddog for five days. Needless to say, it changes up my routine.

The girls have to be on the bus by 7 am, so an early morning bustle is happening that reminds me of when my girls were still in school. But so far, we’ve made the bus on time.

In addition to the kids and dog, they also have three toads they rescued from the pool skimmer basket. So, I’m feeding crickets to the toads. 🙂

My daughter says when they are out like that, it means they’re hungry. Who knew?

Rosie, the granddog, is so well-behaved. Except, she has resisted morning walks for some reason? She sits down in the street and refuses to get up until I let her go back home. She is such a pretty girl. She’s a BorderDoodle.

So, I walk alone. The neighborhood is great for walking and there is a Raptor Rescue Center and a lake on the walking path.

The parents will be back home Monday and I’ll return to my normal routine.

Meanwhile, I want to talk about water. Yes. Water. Do you have a favorite brand of bottled water you like to drink? At home, I have a water purifier, so am always refilling my water bottles to lessen the waste. But here, all they have is the Costco brand of bottled water. Call me spoiled, but I can tell the difference in the taste and don’t particularly care for it. That meant a trip to the store to pick up a case of water. This is my favorite brand:

There are other brands I like, but Ozarka is my go-to. Fiji, SmartWater and Aquafina all fit my taste. Am I crazy? Does it really make a difference what brand you purchase? My tastebuds say it doees. 🙂

My regular Monday post may either be a little late or modified as I won’t be at home with my cards and crystals. I will see how I can improvise.

The blog tour is still going on, and the scavenger hunt isn’t over. I’ve been surprised at the lack of participation in it. Remember there is a $25 gift card up for grabs. And just in time for Christmas. The details are here:

That’s it for me. Have a fabulous weekendf!

Birthday Reflections – August 21st

Today, August 21st, I turn 69 years young. Wow! That’s just almost unfathomable.

Yes, something like that. 🙂

I don’t have to tell you it’s been a crazy year because we already know that’s a fact. But there has been a mixed bag of blessings as well.

Most of you already know that I landed a publishing contract with The Wild Rose Press for a new series. My #TarotTuesday blog has taken off and gets a lot of visitors, which makes me very happy. The messages that come through the cards are always spot-on and almost everyone can find some aspect of the card that fits into their lives.

I am starting to get some traction with the #SundaySpotlight and will be featuring a monthly post from different music artists. The music industry has been hard-hit by COVID-19. With the bars closed, they have nowhere to play their music. It’s a struggle.

I’ve released two new short stories. They have both been well-received and I am super grateful for all the reviews that have flowed in!

I’ve started a newsletter. If you did not receive one from me in the last few days, and would like to, please list your email address in your comment to this post and I’ll add you to my mailing list. I intend to send one newsletter per month, so I will not bombard your inbox.

Let’s see. What else?

I’m super thankful for my health. This time last year I was in severe pain with fractured ribs. It has taken a good nine months to recover, but I’m back to being me.

Since virtual school started, I spend 7 hours per day helping grandkids with online learning. It’s not easy for them or for me, but we are muddling through.

In between school, I am going through the editing process for “Ghostly Interference,” the first book in The White Rune Series to be published by The Wild Rose Press. I can’t wait for a cover reveal! Hopefully soon!

What does the next year look like? I have no earthly idea! All I know is that we’ll all get through the best way we can!

So, here’s to 69! For all you youngsters out there, I can tell you it isn’t bad!