#TuesdayRunes – Kenaz

Welcome to another segment of exploring the Elder Futhark Script Runes!

Today’s rune is Kenaz (kay-nahz).

The keywords that apply to this rune are light, heat, illumination, a breakthrough, and creative fire.

In the millennia before electricity was discovered, fire was the only man-made source of heat and light. Kenaz stands for the fire brand, or torch, which people used to illuminate and heat their dwellings.

This rune represents the light in the darkness, as well as the warmth that fire provides. On a metaphysical level, this is also the light of knowledge and enlightenment.

This rune could indicate a breakthrough in some area of your life that has caused you confusion or anguish. Higher guidance can provide clarity and you will be able to reconsider your situation in a new light. Perhaps this will come through new information or understanding.

Kenaz represents strength, energy and power. It is one of the most helpful runes that can arise when you are experiencing problems of any sort. It is a protective sign. It can also represent a time of opening up, of good things coming into your life.

In questions of romance, Kenaz always represents the man in the relationship.

It is a rune of creativity, and as such is especially important to artists and craftsmen.

The birth dates that align with this rune are from September 13 to 28th.

I hope you enjoyed learning about this rune and see you next week!