Me and Potpourri

Sounds like a book title, right?

I absolutely love promoting others on my blog and it’s been a very long time since I posted anything about ME. 🙂 So here goes, and a little fun music as well.

Last weekend, I had the wonderful opportunity to deliver copies of my two latest books to the Coleman Public Library. It’s always a great feeling to know your books are sitting on a library shelf.

Jan Sikes and Sue Dossey – Coleman Public Library

From there I drove on to Abilene, Texas for the first music festival of the year, Outlaws and Legends Music Festival. I have been working the VIP and artist gate at that festival for 9 years, so it’s a standing event.

Thursday night was a volunteer appreciation party with a great meal and entertainment.

This short video was taken on Thursday and not even half of the campers had arrived yet. We wound up with close to 20,000 in attendance (people, not campers).

Whitey Morgan Thursday night

I absolutely love Whitey Morgan‘s music, so it was a big treat to get to see him perform!

Fridays are always a full day for me and I seldom get to hear any music on that day. This time I was at my gate from 9 am to 10:30 that night. As soon as I could close it, I headed to the motel, exhausted.

Me checking in one of the artists.

Zane Williams and Jan Sikes

Oh, did I mention it was windy? Yep, it was.

These pictures are from Saturday. I SO enjoyed getting to hear some great music that day!

Top to bottom: Dallas Moore, Rev. Horton Heat, and Robert Earl Keen

Saturday night, not being so exhausted, I stayed for the after-party for more from Whitey Morgan and a new artist to me, Kendall Marvel. Both fantastic! And I even got to dance a couple of times. Then it was over until next year. There will be more music festivals for me this year, but this one kicked off the season.

Now to shift gears to another ME topic – my books and some awesome reviews!

The always amazing Sally Cronin posted a wonderful review for GHOSTLY INTERFERENCE this week.


By the way, the Amazon eBook price for GHOSTLY INTERFERENCE is reduced! Whoo-hoo! Now’s a great time to grab a copy, if you haven’t already.

Then N.N. Light’s BookHeaven posted a fabulous 5-Star review for JAGGED FEATHERS!


I’d be honored if you’d stop by both reviews and leave a comment and share! Seriously, I would!

I have a newly designed, spiffy website! Take a look and let me know what you think!

That’s about it from the ME front. My two youngest grandchildren have sustained injuries on the school playgrounds in the past two weeks, so don’t know what’s up with that, but they will both be fine.

Connor – A milkshake makes everything better!

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Texas Music Festivals


Texas is a big state and the music festivals are just as big. I spent last weekend at the Outlaws and Legends music festival set on the Back Porch of Texas ranch just north of Abilene, Texas. I love this festival, which is in its 7th year of existence.

I work as a volunteer here and I work hard the entire weekend. Why? Because I love music and I love Texas music with a passion. The gate I am in charge of is the VIP and Artist gate. So, my smiling face is who greets the artists when they arrive.

Here’s me and a very pregnant event coordinator greeting the great, Jamie Richards!

And then when the work is done, I get the best seat in the house to listen to the performers.

Jerrod Medulla always wears the ever classy pinstripe suite and his lead guitar player looks like a Wall Street business man.

And you are never too young to watch your daddy perform on stage. This is Jerrod’s wife and baby daughter.


You never know what you’ll see at a music festival.  Yep, those are masks and Jamie Richards being the professional he is, kept on singing. The girl with the phone made me think maybe she was from the Woodstock era.

This little boy got up on stage with his pint-sized guitar and, of course, the artists loved it and signed his guitar for him.

Mike Tuck plays lead guitar for the legendary songwriter, Zane Williams.

People come from all over and much of the acreage is covered with campers from the most elaborate and fancy to a simple tent.


And here is the man himself, Mr. Mark Powell, who owns the ranch and has built this event from the ground up.

A Drone flew over the festival site filming and there was a live video stream of each performance.

The last performer of the event was the awesome Lee Ann Womack and this was my view for her show.


Here is a shot of the crowd on the last night. You can tell by the jackets that it had turned chilly.


So, if you ever find yourself anywhere close to Abilene, Texas on the first weekend of April, mark your calendar to attend the best little festival in the Lone Star State, Outlaws and Legends! 

Just in case you wondered, here are the rules. 🙂 20170401_144936

Authors, Don’t Limit Yourself!


Authors, don’t limit yourselves to simply doing book signings in book stores. 

I recently had the opportunity to take my books to the State Fair of Texas. Wow! What an event to participate in. How did I get to do this? By volunteering.

I volunteered to man a table for the Texas Musicians Museum and in exchange I got to take my books with me to sell.

TMM Texas

I have literally handed out hundreds of bookmarks and sold books as well. I know things like this don’t often come along, but the purpose of this post is to encourage you to step out of your box. Look for any opportunities where there are large crowds of people. Farmer’s Markets, Wine Festivals, Music Festivals, and the list could go on and on.  I recently set up a table at a music festival and sold all of the books I took with me. Of course, part of that is the subject of the books and mine are about a Texas musician who was a pioneer in the outlaw music movement in the late 60s. But, nevertheless you get the picture.


Check into the events in and surrounding your community. You might be surprised at what you can do to promote you and your stories.  The other suggestion I have is to collaborate with other authors in your area and team up to create events.


Most of all USE YOUR IMAGINATION! After all, if you are an Indie author, the marketing is all up to you and your books won’t sell themselves.

Best of Luck!!