A New WordPress Discovery! @Anchor #Podcasts

I am super excited about a new option that’s recently been added to my WordPress blog site and I want to share!

It started with an email from WordPress that I left sitting in my Inbox for days before opening. After all, what could WordPress have to tell me that is anything I don’t already know?


You may have received the same email. But it went like this:

We’re excited to announce a new feature that automatically converts the text of any page or post into a podcast on Anchor, the world’s largest podcast platform.

If you’re already blogging on WordPress.com, there’s a good chance it’s podcast-ready—because our new integration with Anchor means you can now turn your words into audio in a few steps. The blog-to-podcast process is simple, and it opens up your work to new possibilities and listeners.

As I read further, I got excited. So, I followed the prompts over to Anchor and lo and behold, in under ten minutes, I had a Podcast!

For my trial, I converted my last post about how to handle critical reviews and it worked like a charm.

I don’t know about you guys, but this simplistic idea got me excited! All of you guys at Story Empire, this would be a great way to expand your listening audience. And, for all other active bloggers as well.

Once you get an account set up on Anchor (by the way, it’s free), you can convert to your first podcast. You get to choose the voice you want to use, or you can opt to record the podcast in your own voice. That’s something I will try as I get more comfortable with the process.

Here was what the remainder of the email said:

Grow your audience with audio

Introduce existing readers to your blog in audio form—and reach a whole new audience by bringing your content to a platform with millions of listeners.

You already have the content!

Blogging with WordPress means you’re not starting from scratch. In fact, you’ve already done the hard part: produced content.

From blog to podcast in minutes

Use text-to-speech to easily convert your blog to audio. Or go more hands-on to build a robust podcast that leverages your podcast as a foundation. The structure is entirely up to you—we’ll even import your existing posts as episode drafts to give you a head start!

Let your audience listen on their terms

Converting your blog to a podcast enables listeners to enjoy your content whenever they want, including times when they’re unable to look at a screen. Anyone can now follow along while doing things like walking, cooking, driving, and more.

Ready to podcast? Start by creating an Anchor account

There are so many different options available once you get your Podcast set up. You can choose sponsors for it and you can monetize it.

What do you think? Is this something that you feel will enhance your blog posts and open you up to a whole new audience?

Here’s the link to my first converted podcast: https://open.spotify.com/show/79JTaHRcsIoCt62gzFauvq

My Podcast Interview On “Tell Me A Story!”

This was such a great privilege and honor. And, one of the most fun interviews I’ve ever done. I got to dig deep on a very personal level. My thanks to Annette Rochelle Aben.

**When you click on the link, scroll down to my name. The names are in alphabetical order by last name.**

via Tell Me a Story Jan Sikes