This is the third year for the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB Writers’ Conference & Book Expo and it keeps getting bigger and better!

There are SO many reasons to attend this conference and NO reason to not attend.

This is a virtual conference. So, that means that you can log in and attend the workshop sessions at your leisure, heck even in your pajamas if you want.  You can visit the Author Booths, compete for prizes and have fun while you are learning.

But, time is running out! JULY 15TH is the absolutely LAST day to register as these LOW prices!

Take a look. If you are a beginning writer or a seasoned author, there are workshops that will benefit you. This crazy business of writing is one of constant learning and growing. Don’t be left behind!

*General Info – https://rrbcwritersconferencebookexpo18.wordpress.com/

*Registration Info – https://rrbcwritersconferencebookexpo18.wordpress.com/register-now/registration-general-info-rrbc-wcbe/

*Registration Packages & Pricing – https://rrbcwritersconferencebookexpo18.wordpress.com/register-now/registration-packages-pricing/

*Registration Page – https://rrbcwritersconferencebookexpo18.wordpress.com/register-now/

*Sponsorship Info – https://rrbcwritersconferencebookexpo18.wordpress.com/sponsors-rrbc-wcbe/\

*Raffle Tickets Registration – https://rrbcwritersconferencebookexpo18.wordpress.com/raffle-rrbc-rwisa/

AND, if you’d like to have your own Author Booth or Vendor Booth, there’s still time to register for those as well. CLICK HERE


#RRBC Writers’ Conference & Book Expo


One of the most fun and beneficial things any writer can do is attend a conference.  Not only do you walk away with new information and knowledge, but friendships and connections.

But, how can you create a conference with international participation? The answer was simple to the President of the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB, Nonnie Jules.

Have a Virtual Writers’ Conference and Book Expo!  And that’s what she did. This is a conference with something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new at writing or been writing for thirty years, you will benefit from this conference.

Please take a look and see for yourself. Explore the workshops offered, the opportunities to win prizes, discover new authors and create friendships. And you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. There is no other conference like the RRBC Writers’ Conference & Book Expo!

I’ve made it easy for you. Click on the links below and register to be a participant in this unique conference set for October 22- 28, 2017.

*General Info – https://rrbcwritersconferencebookexpo17.wordpress.com/

 *Registration Info – https://rrbcwritersconferencebookexpo17.wordpress.com/registration/registration-general-info/

 *Registration Packages & Pricing – https://rrbcwritersconferencebookexpo17.wordpress.com/registration/registration-packages-pricing/

 *Registration Page – https://rrbcwritersconferencebookexpo17.wordpress.com/registration/

See ya’ there!

#RRBC Virtual Writer’s Conference and Book Expo 2017!

n this year of BETTER The RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB is proud to bring you the RRBC Writers’ Conference and Book Expo!  


October is a long way off, right? WRONG! It’s right around the corner and the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB Writers’ Conference & Book Expo is an event you won’t want to miss.

Here are the TOP THREE reasons you should plan to attend this event!

  1. This is a virtual conference. What does that mean? You can enjoy every aspect of this conference from the comfort of your own home, in your pajamas, if you wish. It is an on-line event. Except for the live presentations, you move at your own speed, participating AT YOUR CONVENIENCE.
  2. You will have the opportunity to sit in on literally dozens of workshops covering topics for improving your writing skills to marketing your work and everything in between. (Take a look!)
  3. You will have a chance to interact with workshop presenters on a personal level and ask any questions you may have. AND, as an added bonus, you get the chance to discover new books you may not have heard of!

And the cost is affordable and you will leave the conference a BETTER writer!

Whether you are a brand new or well-seasoned author,  this conference will benefit everyone.

I invite you to check it out. Take a look at the cost and all the different packages and options. Register and come join us!