Friday Free-For-All!

Happy Friday. This has been an incredibly busy week, and I’m looking forward to the weekend!

I went for the CT Scan of the carotid arteries this week, and the report came back clear—no blockage, no plaque—all clear. That is great news, and it puts me back at square one with the big question of what may have caused the health scare. I’m going to chalk it up to either vertigo or a virus and move along. I do pray that it never happens again!

I want to offer a huge Thank You to everyone who took the time to vote for Saddled Hearts in the RONE Reader’s Choice Awards!

There will be one more round of voting IF Saddled Hearts makes it into the finals. Fingers crossed!

On the writing front, I am super excited about an upcoming writer’s conference in July. It’s in Ireland! Ireland Writer Tours is not just a regular conference but also combined with tours. I first heard about this conference last year, but by the time I looked into it, it was already full. They only take twelve authors, so it’s small and intimate. When it was announced this year, I immediately registered. It wasn’t until they knew they had twelve authors that it all came together. My daughters generously paid the fee, thank goodness, and I got in the queue. Now we know it is filled and going to happen! I have my airline ticket and am set to go.

Why Ireland? Of all the countries outside the U.S., Ireland, and Scotland are the only places I’ve ever really wanted to visit. My ancestors migrated from there, and somehow I just know there is something waiting for me when I go. Along with the conference are tours of the area, castles, landmarks, and historic sites. The conference is in a small village outside Galway. I will leave Dallas on July 7th and return on the 17th. It is truly a trip of a lifetime!

I just started reading the latest book from C.S. Boyack. Once Upon A Time In The Swamp is a standalone. I haven’t gotten very far into it yet, but I can already tell I am in for a very entertaining read! Have you picked it up yet?

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This time of year is often difficult for me, as fourteen years ago, my husband, Rick, was nearing the end of his time on Earth. Hospice had put him into a drug-induced coma and transported him home from the hospital. I had already turned our living room into a hospital room, so everything was ready.

I’ll never forget that first night, after all the hospice personnel left, and it was just me and him. They hadn’t given him enough medication to keep him under, and all night he kept trying to get out of bed. I know he had things he thought he needed to tend to, but of course, he couldn’t do any of it. It was one of the most miserable nights I’ve ever spent. I felt so helpless. All I could do was keep him from falling out of the bed.

Of course, when morning came, and I called them, hospice came right away and administered enough drugs to put him all the way under, and that’s where he stayed until he passed on the morning of May 1st. Monday is May 1st, and my regular post might be a little different or might not happen at all. I go with what Spirit moves me to do. I always hope for a visit from him, some sign that he’s still around.

I’m not looking for pity or even sympathy. Death is a part of life. Of course, we never EVER stop grieving for lost loved ones. A part of me died with him on that day. I don’t dwell on the hard times or bad times. I choose to remember the love we shared and the many, many good times we had.

Rick and Jan Sikes 2007

I am blessed to have so much of his music, his writings, and his artwork that keep him and his memory alive. One of my greatest joys was singing harmony with him. I sure do miss the music part of our lives.

Here’s a fun and intimate little video of some of our homespun music.

That’s it from me for today. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Friday Free For All!

Today will be a little different than my regular Friday posts. Comments are closed as I am traveling south to Seguin, Texas for their annual Pecan Festival where I will set up with my books. It’s a five-hour drive, and I won’t have great internet access.

However, I am also at Story Empire today with another blog post on book marketing. I’d be honored if you’d hop over and take a look. Have you ever had any luck getting your books into a bookstore?

Secondly, I was a guest on the Fresh Ink Group podcast this past Wednesday, and we had so much fun. Beem Weeks and Stephen Geez are great hosts! We even played some of Rick’s music. I hope you will take a minute to listen to the replay!

Thirdly, I will be back next Friday with an interesting conundrum about mushrooms. 🙂

Blog Talk Radio! #Podcast #AuthorInterview

I am thrilled to be a guest on the Fresh Ink Group Blog Talk Radio podcast today, Wednesday, October 26th at 7 pm CST! And I’d be honored if you’d tune in. You even have the opportunity to call in and chat! Let’s do this!

Here’s the link:

One of the many things we’ll be talking about is Rick’s music career. We’ll share a song or two of his. Fun stuff!! See you there!

Comments are closed, but I appreciate any and all shares!!