#BookReview – Summer Nights With A Cowboy @_CaitlinCrews #NetGalley

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press in exchange for an honest review.


When I picked up this book, I didn’t realize it was book #3 in a series. However, it reads well as a standalone, and nothing was lost.
Janie Atwood is a nurse and a good one. She lost her mother in childbirth and has lived her entire life with her grandparents. It was a good life and she was happy. It wasn’t until after the grandparents’ deaths, that she receives a letter from her grandmother with some shocking revelations.
When a job opening comes up to care for Damaris Gardiner in Cold River, Colorado, she jumps at the chance to find the answers to all the questions the letter raised, while making a living doing what she loves, caring for the elderly.
History is written by the people with the most to hide. Cold River is like any small town with a group of founding families and a hierarchy or pecking order. The author did a fabulous job of portraying the small-town image with lots of firmly rooted imagery.

Zack Kittredge is the sheriff of the small town and he prides himself in keeping order. He’s well-known for his stern grumpiness and devastatingly good looks. Everything in Zack’s world is black or white, right or wrong. There is no in-between and no flexibility with anything outside those rigid guidelines.
Janie’s introduction to Zack is to trip over her own two feet and send a spray of snowy mocha java all down the front of his pristine lawman shirt. She’s always been clumsy. She’s always been the good-natured friend or big sister in relationships with the opposite sex. That is until Zack.

I loved all of the complex family dynamics displayed in this story. Not just Janie’s estranged family, but Zack’s and Damaris Gardiner’s, the Halls, the Everetts, and everyone in between. Each family has issues and baggage. And just like in real life, they skirt around the issues, ignoring the elephants in the room and pretending everything is the way it should be.

It takes Janie’s honesty and bravery to set in motion a chain of events that will change everyone’s lives forever.

I loved this excerpt: Families were a collection of sweetness piled on top of sorrow, stories told and corrected and retold and misheard by every member, all interlaced together over the years.
After all, they are just people.

The story unfolds in entertaining and delicious layers. I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it to anyone who loves complex romance stories set in small towns.

I gave this book an easy 5-Stars!

The Local – Joey Hartstone @Netgalley #LegalThriller #SmallTown

I received an ARC of The Local through NetGalley courtesy of Doubleday Books.

I originally requested the book because of the setting. Marshall, Texas is a small non-descript East Texas town I am quite familiar with, and I had to find out what someone could write about it. What I learned is that Marshall is the home of a Federal District Court that hears patent cases from all around the country and is famous for the big payouts awarded. Because of that, the town is inundated with patent attorneys. Thus enters the main character in The Local.

Big city law firms need locals to help with jury selection and to put a familiar face to their cases. James Euchre is one of the best.

This book has everything you could want, as a reader. There is court drama, a murder, a high-stakes law firm, a bit of romance, and local color. As I read the book, I was convinced the author must be from the area. Who else would know about Karnack or Uncertain, Texas? It just goes to show the power of detailed research. Mr. Hartstone made me believe he knew every nook and cranny in Harrison County, in and out of the courtroom.

James Euchre is working with a large law firm from New York when the prestigious judge who had presided over the Federal District Court for over twenty years is murdered. Not only was the judge Euchre’s friend, but a father figure and mentor. He is determined to bring the killer to justice.

It doesn’t help when his client, Amir, from Pakistan is arrested and charged with the murder. James Euchre is a patent attorney. He’s never practiced criminal law, although his father did and made quite a name for himself across the state. But Amir is adamant he wants James to represent him and prove his innocence.

There are many shocking discoveries throughout the unfolding of this story, including publicly accusing the esteemed judge’s replacement of the murder. I will say the author did a fantastic job of keeping the true identity of the killer under wraps until the very end and I did not even come close to guessing who it was.

This is a fantastic story that I devoured! If you like fast-paced action, lots of suspense while at the same time seeing the very human side of the characters, you will love this novel.

It is set to release on June 14, 2022. I highly recommend you don’t miss this one!