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I am happy to share an upcoming new book release from a fellow author, Brenda Whiteside! I’ll let her tell you about it, but isn’t this a gorgeous cover?


Thank you, Jan, for hosting me on your blog today, so I can talk about my new upcoming release! Much appreciated!

The 1960s and 70s left an indelible mark on my soul. The age of experimentation of the mind and body embraced all things the universe had to offer, whether we could explain it or not, such as aura reading, empathic revelations, crystals, and out-of-body experiences, to name a few.

In my series, The MacKenzie Chronicles, I wrote the next generation—the siblings who were raised by parents of the sixties living in Joshua, Arizona—an 1800s mining community-turned-ghost-town, reborn hippie haven, and now tourist town clinging to the side of Spirit Mountain—hiding treacherous secrets only the MacKenzie’s can reveal.

The fictitious town of Joshua is modeled after Jerome, Arizona, a real-life tourist destination. If you ever visit Arizona, it’s a must-stop on your tour. The town had died down to just over one hundred residents when the hippies discovered it in the sixties. Now, it’s a thriving art community with wine tasting and haunted hotels. I take a day trip to Joshua, er, Jerome every chance I get.

KODAK Digital Still Camera JEROME, ARIZONA

Although the theme of my stories isn’t paranormal, some of that sixties mentality is an important thread. After all, I’ve seen orbs, experienced déjà vu, and met a few people I’ve known in some other place and time. Oh, and we all know Moms have eyes in the backs of their heads…or is it some other unexplainable talent they possess?

I’ll leave you with one example. Many years ago, when my son played hockey, we hosted an international tournament for boys aged 12-15. Our team was designated to house the Austrian boys. Waiting for our assigned boy, I looked across the room. A cutie with big blue eyes was staring at me. When I gazed into those eyes, I felt like I knew him. I silently hoped he would be assigned to stay the week with us. Well, yeah, you guessed it. He was. And we hit it off immediately. He’s been my good friend ever since…even if from afar. He’s visited us several times over the years, and we’ve visited him once in Austria. So, not a universe-shaking experience, but those little occurrences in life, if you’ll allow your mind to accept them, are awesome, unexplained adventures.

Have you had any similar experiences?



Secrets can protect what the truth will destroy.  

Elidor MacKenzie has a gift she can’t return—the ability to absorb the joy, pain, and suffering of others. She’s spent her life running from what she considers her curse. Now, her best friend is dead, and she alone holds the key to an archaeological discovery that could destroy a culture. With newfound inner peace, Elidor has returned home to make amends and guard the secret revelation. But greed-driven scavengers have followed her. Once again, the energies of Joshua will stir the hurricane, with her at the deadly center.  

Jules never got over Elidor. Twenty years and a famous journalism career later, he’s back in Joshua—and so is his first love. If his heart can stand the torture, he’ll risk reviving their relationship. But saving Elidor from herself and the secret she won’t give up may be the death of them both.  

With Jules by her side, Elidor is determined to outrun the scavengers, guard the secret, and renew their love. But fate is coming after her, and there’s nowhere the couple can hide.

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He frowned. “That’s a heavy secret.”

“Yeah. Boyd found out, or at least suspected. He was there when Cam died. The cave isn’t impossible to find, but the wealth in the cave lies at the end of several twisty paths which we stored the coordinates for on Cam’s phone. I’m sure someday, someone will discover it. If we did, others can too. But we didn’t want to be the ones to endanger a centuries-old sacred site and disrupt a culture. Cam’s last words to me were to guard the phone and don’t trust anyone. Boyd must have figured out what Cam meant. Boyd’s the one who trashed the apartment, and when he didn’t find the phone, came back to… I’m guessing…make me give it to him.”

Julien’s arms and legs tensed. “Now Marty is here to pick up where Boyd left off?”

“Marty possibly has skeletons in his closet.” She hesitated. She didn’t want her empathic ways to come between her and Julien again, but… Hell. It’s who I am—I embrace it, you embrace it. “He does. I can read that much about him. I have no doubt he isn’t an honest person, but I can’t believe he had anything to do with Boyd’s actions. His heart isn’t black.”


“I don’t know. He thinks someone who works for him has information on how to find the Mescalero Myth. I think he came here fishing to see if I might be the source. Since I left so abruptly, he suspects me. I guess.”

Mon dieu, Ellie, you’re in danger! Where’s the phone?”

“I don’t have it. I took out the SIM card and threw the phone away. Marty wants to find the burial grounds, but I don’t think he’s the type to do much more than he has—come here and pump me for info. If I didn’t convince him that I know nothing, I at least put doubt in his mind. He had to leave today and get back to the dig.”

He cupped her face in his hands. “Ellie, you have me worried.”


Brenda Whiteside in Jerome

Brenda Whiteside is the award-winning author of romantic suspense and romance. She’s penned a couple of historicals and straight romances, but she’s found villains and danger make a good story that much better. After living in six states and two countries—so far—she and her husband have settled in Central Arizona. They admit to being gypsies at heart, so won’t discount the possibility of another move. They share their home with a rescue dog named Amigo. While FDW fishes, Brenda writes.

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Deadly Keepsakes – #NewRelease @anita_dickason @LoneStarLit #Mystery #Giveaway

Anita Dickason is one of the most enthusiastic authors I’ve ever featured here, and I am thrilled to share her new book with you as well as my review!

A Tori Winters Mystery
Categories: Mystery / Women Sleuths
Publisher: Mystic Circle Books
Pages: 360 pages
Publication Date: July 1, 2022
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When Tori Winters becomes the star witness in a murder trial, someone tries to kill her. Terrified, she’s not giving the killer a second chance. With all her worldly possessions packed in her car, Tori is on the run. A mysterious phone call about an inheritance leads her to Granbury. After all, who would look for her in a small, quaint Texas town?

Instead, Tori’s life is about to spin into an existence where nothing is as it seems. The historic house she inherits is steeped in secrets from the past. Secrets that may prove deadly. A stranger in a strange town, who can she trust? There is the disinherited step-grandson and the lawyer and his son. What are they hiding?

Tori’s inheritance may not be a blessing when a killer strikes again. It could be her death warrant.



Award-winning author Anita Dickason is a twenty-two-year veteran of the Dallas Police Department. She served as a patrol officer, undercover narcotics detective, advanced accident investigator, SWAT tactical officer, and the team’s first female sniper.

Anita’s extensive law enforcement experience and knowledge provide the inspiration for her plots, and characters. She writes about what she knows, cops and crime.

Her works have received multiple awards from Book Viral Millennium Book Awards, Readers’ Favorite Book Awards, Literary Titan Book Awards, Independent Author Network Book Awards, and Speak Up Talk Radio Firebird Award.

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