Reporting In – Texas Catastrophic Weather

Good morning world!

I am finally back in my home and happy to report I came home to electricity and water. No internet, but this morning even that is back. I am so blessed and feeling a little guilty to have things back to my normal when so many are still suffering.

After I lost power, a wonderful friend took me to my daughter’s house on Monday. There, we had off and on power but had water and a gas cook stove. Then on Wednesday, my son-in-law discovered that because they have solar panels on the house, could set the status to Stormwatch and we began charging directly off the Tesla grid. From that point on, we had power with no blackouts.

I took my laptop with me but it totally crapped out, so all I had was my phone. Have you ever tried to keep up with emails and blogs on your phone? Some folks can do it. I can’t.

But at least I was there with family, safe warm and loved.

I took care of the children while Mom and Dad continued to try and work. We did lots of craft projects, made snow angels, had hot chocolate, made alien men out of marshmallows, baked cookies and eventually yesterday got to make a snowman when the snow got wet enough to stick together.

Now, I will be playing catch-up and making a great attempt to visit the blogs I missed during the week. If I don’t make it around to everyone, forgive me.

And I will resume my regularly scheduled Monday Meditation, Tuesday Runes, books, writing and music blogs.

I’m so thankful to have escaped this catastrophic weather with only small inconveniences. I am blessed indeed.

One of Rick’s favorite winter jokes was about a woman who slipped on the ice and fell. She shook her fist at the ice and said, “July will take care of you.” 🙂 And it will.

How is everyone out there? I’ve missed you!