Is this an isolated incident?

This may seem like a strange thing to blog about, but I need input from all of you bloggers out there about an issue with WordPress. For clarification, I am working in the new editor format.

I have been working on a blog for two days and haven’t posted it yet, because I am unable to insert external links.

WordPress will let me link images to an outside site, but will not let me link text.

For example, I had the title of a book, “Two Shorts and a Snort” that I wanted to link to Amazon. I highlighted the book title and the “link” symbol appeared just like normal. I clicked on it and pasted the URL into the box, clicked the next box to open in a new tab and then everything went away. The book title didn’t stay highlighted and no link was attached. Grrrrrrr!!!

I contacted WordPress support and the only suggestion they had was for me to clear my cache and try again. So, I did that and nothing changed.

Is anyone else having this problem? It totally hampers the posting of the blog as it needs purchase links.

I appreciate any help or insight you can offer!

***NOTE*** I switched back to Classic Editor for that one post, and it let me insert the links with no problem. I do hope this is a glitch WordPress will address. Thanks to everyone who commented.