Wednesday WORDS!

Welcome to a new series where I will share words from written works or words that intrigue me.

I love words. I love word games and play way too many for good time management. But they fascinate me and always have. My favorite board game growing up was Scrabble. What fun it was to try and get the most points and create words from nothing. Wordle gives me that same feeling when I manage to create the right word.

But all that aside, for this series, I will be sharing either an excerpt from something I’m reading or a new word I’ve just learned. Not every post will be serious. We’ll have some fun along the way, too. I don’t know if I will be able to post weekly, but will shoot for every other week for sure.

I don’t care much for fancy words. I care for honest words that move something inside me.

To start off the series, I’m going to share some words from my late husband, Rick Sikes.

Rick Sikes 1976 Springfield, Missouri Federal Medical Prison

As most of you know, he was quite the artist, not only with painting and drawing but also with words. This is taken from a piece he wrote in November, 1977. Keep in mind he had been in prison for over five years at this point and, prior to incarceration, was a country band leader, musician, and songwriter from the oilfields of West Texas. Where he obtained this kind of esoteric insight, I’ll never know. He didn’t talk about it.

“There is nothing like knowledge. The unending flow of imaginative, creative use of that knowledge enriches our lives and helps us to understand ourselves at a much deeper level. All of us regard the world through lenses put there by individual upbringing, personal disposition, and such. While we may look upon identical objects and situations, our views will be very different and from varied perspectives.

There exists a cosmic energy that we can harness by entering the astral plane, thus bridging the gap between our earthly body and our ethereal self…” Rick Sikes (8-5-35 to 5-1-09)

I’d love to hear your thoughts.