Writing Space Improvement

How important is your writing space?

Studies have shown that having a dedicated writing space makes for a more productive writer. There is no hard and fast rule as to what that space consists of or looks like. It can be as simple as a laptop at your local library or maybe just a clean desktop where your computer lives. Or maybe not a clean desktop at all. Maybe you write better surrounded by research materials or newspapers or yesterday’s mail. Whatever your space looks like, one thing that is consistent across the board is that every writer needs a dedicated writing space.

Rather than bore you with ramblings about the importance of a dedicated writing space, I want to share with you a product I purchased from Amazon that has literally transformed my writing space into a healthier and more productive atmosphere.

This is an adjustable ergonomic desktop work station that raises or lowers with a hydraulic handle. So, I can either stand to work or lower it down and sit to work. It has made a huge difference. Before I bought this, I sat for up to five or six hours at a time and that is not good for the body.

Now, I find that I can get more work done with the flexibility of standing or sitting. The picture above is raised. The picture below is lowered.

And the cost was less than $125. I have to say, I am thrilled with it and don’t know why I waited so long to purchase it. I have scoliosis (the double S curve) in my back and the pain level is greatly reduced by alternating between standing and sitting.

So, now my dedicated workspace is more flexible and conducive to my needs with one simple purchase.

Since I am talking about workspace, I’ll show some of the things that are important to me besides my new adjustable desktop.

I love my Himalayan Salt Lamp and “Writer’s Block.”
This Essential Oil Diffuser does not use water so no worries about using it around electronics
Some of my book awards for inspiration
The headsets I use for the ASPIRE TO INSPIRE radio show

I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour. If you’ve ever wondered about the adjustable desktop, wonder no more. It’s fabulous!

Whatever makes for more productive days is a good thing.